Subject: Revelations
From: (David Kelly)
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 92 02:24:41 EST

i thought this was pretty interesting.. it is from a chicago area rave-zine (called 'reactor'), and written by david j. prince.

Relations - 5:00am acid ideas by reactor's high priest

drove 2200 miles in just under 52 hours. three of us in a rented minivan with unlimited miles. took the old route 66 and for two and a half days saw america - texas, kentucky, missouri, arizona, new mexico, and california. that night i witnessed the end of history.

shiva's erotic banquent. april 25,1992. rave. los angeles.

i arrived at the four story warehouse somewhere at the edge of downtown la. i already had a tab of acid in my pocket, so i opted for a dose of x as well, figuring tonight was special so i'd do them both - an a-bomb.

the attractions that evening were numerous - a virtual fannie mae of mind candy to tickle my open cortex. outside, a porno move was being projected on the front of the church across the street. inside, on the first floor, was a major dance room with bass imitating 6.3 on the richter scale, several giant video screens with the most psychedelic graphics i've ever witnessed, the world's greatest dj's and a live performance by psychic tv. the second floor had an eqyptian coffee shop, a techno laser room, mind machines, a strobe dance room, a 70's disco room, and somewhere off to the side, a room with buckets of day-glo paints for body decoration. the third floor was a domed chill-out room with every inch of wall space filled with projected images; the music was the trippiest ambient groove possible. and for several hours dr. timothy leary, the high priest himself, guided everyone's trip. elsewhere in the building was a piercing parlor, a massage room, a live reggae band, and a movie room showing _saturday night fever_ and _shaft_ again and again.

but what struck me more than the immense sensory bliss was the amazing group of people who shared this experience with me. six thousand young, beautiful, high humans having one HELL of a good time together. no fights. no one crying in the corner. no one sick on the stairway. everybody smiling. people would walk by and actually touch each other. some people were naked. some were dressed like aliens. six thousand brothers and sisters of all races, classes, and sexual orientations. living equality. beautiful.

around 6am, i stood on the balcony overlooking the main dancefloor, my shirt missing, my body covered in sweat, my feet ready to give out but my brain saying MOVE MOVE MOVE. i looked down on the 2,000 gyrating bodies below me and thought this is either the end of the world or the beginning. i realized that all of my dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations were real: there _is_ no christian god - western civilization _is_ over - the night time _is_ the right time - rhythmic dance _is_ the key to understanding the universe - technology _is_ organic - life _is_ worth struggling through if only for those brief, fleeting moments of pure ecstasy.