Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 19:16:18 -0600 (MDT)
From: Coup d'Academe <>
Subject: Ravers everywhere!

My new lifestyle! I have come to percieve the universe, and man's purpose in it, through my experiences in raving. You know, Judaism is not a is a lifestyle. This new life I have found myself in is my lifestyle. I am thinking different, acting different, relating different. The Rave is my church. Like I said in my introductory post, it has become a ritual for me to perform everytime I can. I hold it as something sacred to my perpetuality. We in the rave are the congregation, and it is up to us to help each other. I wonder what would happen if the whole world, except for one tiny warehouse, were destroyed. This tiny warehouse blasting through space, performing very difficult maneuvors, with us inside, DJs being our pilots. What I commit to everytime I walk into the door at 11pm to the time I walk out at 8am, is a unity with this congregation. A complete purpose of helping people reach Heaven, whether they are in altered states or not. And after almost every rave I have gone to, I walk out having seen my soul and its place in eternity. And every single weekend I wish to see it again.

I am screaming after every rave, even though I usually can't hear myself. It really is an awesome, and yet totally undescribable happening. hmmm....