Subject: My First Rave!

My first rave was in St.Petersbug,FL in the federal armory in November 1995. I was with an old friend Franco, and my best friend (at the time) Kristine and my mama. Franco had been to a rave before, but none of us had, so we were kind of aprehensive about how it would be. When the DJ's started to spin a few minutes after we got there, I felt a stirring in my soul, I had to get this incredible feeling out and express it to the world. So I danced. I did not dance like most of the other people there, but noone cared. They just said "hey! you are having a phat time! True that!" I did not even know what they meant, I just knew that I loved it! I realized after a few hours that my mother and Kristine were standing against ythe speakers and staring at everyone. I went over and asked them why they weren't dancing and they just shrugged. So, I skipped off and went back to dancing around the room talking to whoever. I could feel the friendliness of the atmosphere and revelled in it!

I was never so happy in my life! I had finally found a place, that I felt that I belonged. Everyone I met was super friendly to me and my friend, Franco told me that it was always like this. I did not really beleive him. By three am, I was sweaty and geting tired, but the DJ started a new mix and all the tiredness fell away and I was transported into a world of such complete happiness it was unreal to me. My mother had started to dance too! She could feel the vibe too! I was thrilled, she has always been so cool, I was glad I could share this new experience with her. I would say that it changed our lives forever. My friend, Kristine, never moved from the wall, she hated it. It was about a week later that I realized that the RAVE is not for everyone. She was too closeminded and distrustful of people to ever enjoy herself . You have to have PEACE,LOVE,and RESPECT in your heart to understand why people rave.

Needless to say, the rave changed my life. I no longer go around with a sour look on my face trying to be hard. It never got me anywhere anyway. I am no longer friends with Kristine simply because she hates everything and everyone, and I no longer wanted to feel alone. I now have a lot of good friends and hundreds of great aquaintances.

Raving has changed my life for the better, and everyone I knew before says the same. I have not been depressed in years, when previously, I had been diagnosed as a Manic Depressive and was on all sorts of anti-depressants. I am no longer on these drugs, and my doctor's cannot beleive it. I attirbute it all to the wonderful people I met that night and most specially to my friend to the end Franco. I believe that the rave saved my life, I now have something to look forward to besides fear, resentment and lonliness.

I do not think I could ever truly put into words how much raving changed my life, but I had to let the true ravers out there that I love them for saving me from my own dispair! PEACE,LOVE,UNITY&RESPECT! I live for these things. Maybe my story will help someone else release their fears and join the family. We will accept you! RAVE ON!


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