From: (michelle marie clark)
Date: 18 Feb 1995 04:30:18 GMT

Okay who went to LOVE GENERATOR last weekend in St. Louis? Yes it got busted, but for me it didn't suck in a major raveyfuckinghappyecstasyway. A bunch of friends (all whom I love!!!!) decided we had to go to this, so we caught a school bus with 50 ravers from Milwaukee and chicago (we are from chicago) and headed down, for six hours, to the party. The bus kicked our ass, our bus driver, Lorenzo, was a fucking patient , beautiful man. We interviewed him, and he let us stand past the "standee" line, not to mention all the illicit occurances we indulged in on the way down. When we arrived at the pre-party Friday night, ravers came running out to welcom eus. I almost cried it was fucking awesome. no one even knew us and they were like "Come in and dance your ass off!" Everyone cheered and we danced and danced and danced. the music NEVER ended!!! It was so beautiufl. I couldn't sleep at all. WE danced for fucking hours!!! it was noon and we were still groovin. And the dj's just got better. The place where we stayed, a loft of some sort was brillant. everyone slept sprawled together in a huge mess. people puzzle it looked like. I felt so maternal stnading over everyone and looking at then sleep, so sweet and gentle.

That night, Love generator was too fucking intelligent, and it got busted. I had never been to a bigger rave. it was heaven. but I didn't care, caus ewe went back to the afterhours and danced where it got really smashing packed. we saw tons of people we knew from chicago and everyone from St. Louis was lovely. so friendly, so kind, so generous...On the way home our bus got a flat tire, and it took like 12 hours, but it didn't matter, cause the whole time, we fantasized together about writing a book on the weekend, and about how we would all take another bus together to atlanta, and just how fucking awesome everything was.

I don't know, it made me want to quit college and live forever in the rave scene. I still feel like that. Sometimes it is as though, the weekends are not enough anymore, and i want to rave all the time. The people are too beautiufl, i feel so beautiful when I rave. People are so randomnly nice. and I love to be randomnly nice back. I love to hug and kiss people who look like they need it, whether it is that fat boy sitting in the corner, the grateful dead shirt wearing dorks, or the beautiful hard-core ravers who are just silly style-queens. Everyone needs love and happiness. That is what raves are about. that and the FUCKING BASS!!! EUH! It is so hard living like this, transcending earth towards heaven for a few hours every weekend. It is so difficult when all I think about are the weekends and raving and being happy and me.



*i know im silly, but fuck it, it makes me happy*