From: lincourm@CHIMCN.UMontreal.CA (Lincourt Maximilien)
Subject: My First Rave ->IGNITE In Montreal...
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 01:56:32 GMT

This is my account of my first rave experience, well, really my second one, my first one was five years ago, at the venerable age of 20, but I only thought it was a big party, not a rave, neither was the name rave in my vocabulary nor was Techno in my musical tastes then... Good things come with age...

IGNITE on a Fridgide Nite on the Icicle Island of Montreal in the still glacial age of Canada, HHHHAAAAAA!!!! Line-up it's early, I wanted to be there early, I came at 22:30, there was a line, Shit I said to myself, but what the heck, get a grip, get into the flow, talk to people, move, get the feet moving, Gee, It so cold and then I can feel the music, feel the expectation growing inside of me, or was it my teeth going at 130 BPM (bite per min.); Hot, so is the air that seems to be coming from the inside, pulling me thrue security.

Inside, I feel the beat, feel the joy, feel the music, I move quickly somewhere where I can see if I still have my feet and toes, find a room, draped in black, sofas, people, not much, but coming in, looking for that lost friend, I came alone, I see people I don't know, conversation starts, my feet still there, leave this place of relaxation and Into the main dance area I plunge myself into, lights, smoke machines have already made this place magical, cannot see where it all ends, Feel the music, the beat, the BASS, I am envelopped in sounds I begin to move around, try to find speakers, follow the sounds I find it. People already going at it, Whoomp Whoomp Whoomp, The bass pulls me, or press my mind into moving myself, I start to dance, being brought to life by all this good vibe. The hours start flowing, so are the people, not sure how many, but the Records are spining, Dancers are moving, see so much smiles among people, I feel love, I feel can go about this for a long time, Dance, Whoomp, Whoomp, Whoomp I am entranced, it's been a long time before I felt that good.

The hours passed, I'm surrounded by Big Mister (Green) E, and al. still dancing, moving with the music, sweat is mixed with water and water is bringing life again in my limbs, but I can't can't continue make a small trip to the side room, people seating, dreaming dreams only they can see, I sat on the floor, watching people friendship, such an atmosphere, first time I felt that good around so many peoples, I feel no pressure of any kind. Came back to the dance room, dance a couple of hours, and as feel my force slips away, I retreat, home, still can't do an all night one, maybe when then cold wheather leaves, and the warmth and rebirth of Spring comes.

It was an long way home in the _silence_ of the car, still feeling the sound and beat of the night, the sunrise is near as the sky gets a clear shade of pink, I slip into bed, falling asleep, I've had strange dreams in my 1/4 century life, but not quite like the ones I had... Night is gone and the sun is a shinny as ever in this cold and blue sunday afternoon.

These are the thing I most liked about the night, Good music on the dance floor, they had a Acid/Trance set around 2:00 am dance my hearth out, nearly lost my glasses. Friendship and companionship, I never thought it was like that; One good Point for the lights, lots of vari-lite, not to much strobe nor smoke machine; The smarts drinks were not as expensive as I went to believe, but the water was... I will bring my own next time...

Things I did not like... The cold, doiing a lineup in the wind is not one of my favorite thing, I'll come as the door are opening next time. There side room, Chill out room???, was not very good, ok many places to sit and talk but I wished the music were more ambient, not to happy dance type music, maybe it's me, people were dancing, and it seems that the room was in the middle of an highway...

That's all folks, good nite, good vibe, good day and good dance and love to everybody as St-Valentine is coming soon, Happy heart to all of you


P.S. whats the thing with menthol-vap-o-rub ???


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