Great Moments In Rave

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 12:34:56 GMT
From: (Robin Tew Optics2 LDN X4921)

London, Sunday morning going home on the tube, still sipping from water bottle, notice someone else with water bottle, make eye contact and both break into knowing smiles.

Any similair 'magic moments'?

From: Ken Robson <>

Dancing in Hyde Park to a chorus of drums and home made instruments (bins, screams, the roof of a hot dog stand) being charged by mounted riot police - sitting on the floor - having a stand off then running straight at the fuckers chasing them out of the park and them rioting for 8 hours - can't beat an anti-criminal justice bill demo...

KILL THE BILL - as they say in hide park when the pigs are on the run.

From: (Jessika)

(Cyberslut) wrote:
Riding the E train back from Queens after they shut down our New Year's party.

Me too!!! We went back to someone's apartment in the city... There were about twenty of us, pushed the furniture to the wall, made the living room into a dance floor, and all x-ed on the exact same wavelength. Hopefully we'll have a similar experience in NYC in March.

From: (Michael Gwertzman)

Cyberslut <> wrote:
Yeah, we just got on the E train because it seemed like the "right" thing to do - you know, the "E" train. And everyone on it was REALLY on the E train! It was cool as hell - remember when the train would stop

Even better than that...
I led the 15 or so ravers that I met at Heaven back to Columbia through like three agonizing transfers (E to B train, B to 1 train). We were so hyped and dissapointed about heaven, that when we got to the platform of the B train we started spontaneously dancing, without any music or anything. Then when we got on the B train, somebody was playing a radio, and we were all so siked to hear music that we all startewd dancing on the train. This was at like 4 am, New Years Eve. I dont think anybody quite expected to see that.

From: (paul) "John Graham" writes:
After waiting outside for 3 hours trying to get a ticket, finaly getting in to Fantasia at Bournemouth (summer 92?), walking over the hill and seeing the huge open-air stadium and 12,000+ happy party people going for it. I couldn't breath for a few moments just taking in the spectacle.

A mate of mine went to the same do and had EXACTLY the same xperience of coming over the hill and seeing it all below him....after taking it all in he went primal and whooped it up all the way in....he still gets goosebumps when he thinks of it.
Aint this life fookin beautiful sometimes :)

From: (paul)

PHEW!! This could end up one of the biggest threads in net history. Magik moments is the perfect description of what rave is all about..... that first magik moment being the one that ends up making ya see your life in a whole new light.....
Ere 's just one of my MM's......

Luvdup ta fuk at Paradise Factory in Manchester,dry ice so thick I couldnt see a foot in front of me ....all the beats and bass dropped out and just a pure, high n'sweet neck tingling tone swirling outta the speakers and trickling down my back.

A hand appeared in front of me, I reached out my hand and we locked and just squeezed....awww all you tuned in people know what the touch feels like.......anyway the beats came back in,our hands parted with a fingertips to fingertips touch and I couldnt help letting out the biggest happiest whoop ever as I stormed back into those primal riddims...... I never did see who that hand belonged too but it didnt matter...that touch at that moment said all that was needed.

Synergy isnt just a fookin exists in big armfuls at some of the nights I've seen....ooohhhh I luv this life!!!!!

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paul "rhythm king" kearslake

From: (Horst Schuster)

dec 92, my first rave, 'happy valley' held on a grassy hill by the sea. at about 6am, just after dawn and after having the most amazing night ever a small plane suddenly appeared in the sky, it circled the rave site a few times pulling a huge banner behind it: "Happy Valley - listen to the colours" eveything just fell into place everything made sense and I felt that these people knew exactely how I was feeling. truly a magic moment.

From: (Stephen Brice Milner)

Walking into a new club, hearing some wicked tunes, heading straight for the dance floor and not leaving until you're thrown out.... You never even get to see the rest of the club



From: (FleeFlyFlow)

Dallas...New Year's Eve... free warehouse rave thrown by the big six promoters in the area. at least 2000 show up ready to tear down the house. Everyone was really fucked up, x-ing, tripping, drunk, and terrificly fun combinations of the above. The music was kicking ass, the ravegirls were dropdead beautiful, the guys were the coolest, mindblowing visuals, vibe vibe everywhere... yahoo! anyway, about 20 minutes after midnite, the cops bust it! some guy forgot the warehouse papers and had to drive across town to get them or something. bottom line: rave over. The last track the dj's were spinning had everyone flying, it had the disco cry in it, "Whoop, whoop!!" (by the way, anyone id that for me?). Then the music stopped, but everyone just started shouting "Whoop, whoop!!" together and dancing anyway! it was GREAT!!! if only the cops hadn't wanted to keep everyone from having fun... 8)


From: (Tero Juhani Karvinen)

two of my absolute favourites...

1) the summer solstice party in 1991 here in Turku. The organizers had cleared a small space in the woods by the river, there was a fire and the soundsystem was just this small ghettoblaster. There weren't more than propably 20 or 30 people but it was just beautiful. Turku isn't far enough in the north so the sun goes down for a while, but it's still almost like daylight. We had free food and free beer and the sun shining almost through the was beautiful

2) a party by the same organizers, Hyperdelic Housers, the music had been booming just for a few minutes when one of the speakers went kaputt. They turned the sound off completely and started repairing it. However there were these 3 or 4 guys who didn't give up - they started doing the human beat box and "singing" GTO's Bullfrog and Pfortune's Can You Feel The Bass...everybody started dancing right away and the RUSH and the VIBE were something totally cool...

"jesus loves the acid"

From: (XMDMA)

Personally, my life changing ravemoment would have to be the Communion Tour 1992 - Orbital, Ultramarine, and MBM at the Masquerade in Atlanta. My first REAL E, first Orbital experience, God, I get " those" chills just thinking about it, knowhutimean? Goosebump city. Wouldn't trade the experience for the world.
My main quote that night (apres escension)- "Oh my God, ohhhmy God. God. Ohhh ...yes."
Paul AKA spacEman
(Hi Dori! Chaos lives!)


DJ'ing at "Togetherness" at The Fitness Centre
Falling off the tables at _Sin_
Enduring the heat at _Dance Wicked_
As for knowing smiles etc ...
Nothing new, just recognising people on the tube.
I wish I'd have gone up North just *one* time and gone to one of these after-hours parties at .... a service station!
Do these things *still* go on?
I read that police started blocking 'em off and stuff.

Tony *:)

From: henckman@Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE (Ian H)

Taking the subway to Wittembergplatz at 3pm July 2nd, 1994. Getting out at Wittenbergplatz, walking up the stairs and then seeing over 100 000 people yelling, whistling, dancing, climbing up traffic lights, lamps, stores, churches.
The most overwhelming atmosphere I've ever seen. Love Parade rules!

peace love unity

Ian H.

From: (Paul McNally)

Great moments??
808 State & NJOI at G-Mex, Manchester, UK a couple of years ago.
10,000 tired, sweaty ravers queueing for the toilets to get a drink of water cos they'd sold out. The thing was, everyone went for a break when Bjork came on. Poor cow!

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Subject: Bestest Rave Memory... Cyberdelic

Lately I've been reading lots of peoples beatuiful stories about their most memorable rave memories and decided to add mine to the ever growing list...

Little over a month ago I threw my first party and it was going fantasticaly.. it was about 6 in the morning and Dr. Trance and up and comer lotus had just spun progressive sets so the crowd was in a relativly early morning-funky mellow kinda mood.. I am somewhat of a rotterdam freak and thought it would be great to all of a sudden out of nowhere throw down some 190 bpm rotterdam at 6 in the morning so we did.. The transition between a Dr. Trances funkee progressive track and up and comer Vortex's first track caught everyone dancing totally off guard.. the track just began with this whistling noise.. about 5 seconds of builidng.. and then BAMMM.. a big Thumpin' bassline.. the way one of the ravers face that was dancing lit up as he realized what was happening made all the money we lost worthwile..

Respect to the Hardcore Toronto crew..
Everything Cyberdelic does is for you!

Greg Smith
aka Keebler

From: (Mark Milsom)

The whole Rave scene has completly changed my life...

I remember going to Castle Morten, an illegal Rave in 1992, and walking over the crest of a hill and looking down onto twenty thousand Ravers all dancing....THIS GAVE ME THE BIGGEST SMILE....

Also going to illegal raves in dis-used quarry's in Bath (UK) with a whole bunch of people I'd never met before....dancing my ass off in the sunshine...

I now go to clubs in London, but still have a good time, everyone walks straight into the clubs and starts dancing immediately, even in the toilets everyone is dancing....

I think I shall still be in the scene when I'm sixty !!....

Keep Smiling...


From: ppennane@cc.Helsinki.FI (Petrus Pennanen)

Last spring there was a free party with Goa music in a forest a bit outside Helsinki. These parties and their organizers are brilliant, it's completely free, people bring food, drinks and other nice things to share with everyone, decoration and music are very beautiful and emphasis is on trance, like usually there's a colorful totem in the middle of the floor and everyone dances around it. This is great because everyone looks at each other while dancing.

At this party they had a four-way sound and lights which looked amazing in the dark forest. At some point the police arrived -- no permit, too much noise, stop the party! Everyone got a bit paranoid, the music was turned down and the cops went away. The music was turned up again and the cops came back to shut it down for real. This time one of the girls serving tea&cookies got up, went to the cops carrying a tray and asked them to sit down and have some tea and cake. Something a cop can't resist I guess. The cops sat there with everyone else and had a chat with the organizers. Then they got up, went to their van and drove through the dancefloor -- with all the flashing lights on! There was a BIG cheer and the party went on till 8 or 9. I had a blast and was dancing till the very end, the mosquitoes didn't bother me when I danced.

There are plenty of magic rave moments bouncing around in my head, it's gonna be a long thread I guess.

Much love,

-- * Everything is perfect forever

From: ******** (K***** M*****)

Stuffenbau, Bern (Switzerland) the 17th of december, The Prodigy's concert, their last song. The MC shouts out : "alright party people, this is the last one, and when I say move, I want everyone to move...". The music begins, never heard it before, not on their two albums, the rythm gets faster, louder, heavier, you can feel it hitting against your nerves, you do not realise that ravers are beside you anymore, you start shaking your head in the air, both hands holding the collums on the dance floor. "MOVE". Contentness, the music going through you and bringing you to another world. A few minutes later it was over but you still had the rythm in you and it would be suffisant for the rest of the evening. The Swiss-German Rave seen is realy great (compared to the Swiss-French one).

Thank you The Prodigy, for your music...(I won't ask it...) and for the way you communicate it.

Any Swiss on the News, by the way...

kmc, also at www :********
Let the Rave be with you ****************************************

From: (Michael Dagn)
Subject: Re: Great moments in Rave

I suppose for me entering A new years eve R.A.T. party in 1987-88 at the Hordern Pavilion here in Sydney which had about 8000 people was an experience like this...
(the biggest party I'd seen before that was 800 people and that even seemed HUGE at the time)

...especially the view whe entering the main room.

The Hordern is a big space ... but after seeing Ratty New Year in 1989 fill the Hall of Industries as well as the Hordern and the space between the two with 14000 people it doesn't seem so big anymore...

Nowdays there are so many raves on every Saturday night we would be lucky to get 2000 to one.
... The musical variety is MUCH better now though...


From: GeBir@birken.PFM-Mainz.DE (Gerald Birkenstock)

My first time at a rave. After watching the dancing for some time I finally decided to join - still a little insecure. One girl just smiled at me as to say: your welcome come an and join.

Gerald Birkenstock * GeBir@birken.PFM-Mainz.DE

From: Ken Robson <>

Last night I had a great moment in rave - it was the NME Brat Awards Vibes night. I danced my ass of to Dreadzone and to various 'intelligent techno' songs and then on came Renegrade Soundawave.

To say they were crap to start with was an under statement - but after the singer got the message, shut up and let the band jam they played three amazing numbers. As the penultimate song blasted out the stage filled with 'ravers' and they began to dance. The amazing bit - the age span - people in their teens, the twenties, their thirties, their forties and possibly one guy in his fifties or sixties. What did everyone have in common - nothing really except a determination to forget about all the crap outside and have a cool time...



From: (djkc)

Coming back from a rave in Dallas with my friend dj bisquithead, tripping.
Got pulled over just after entering the freeway by a cop.
I asked, "what's the problem?"
And he asked me to step to the back. I did.
He said I was driving on the wrong side of the feeder.
I explained to him that I'm from Houston, and that's where I'm going back to, and that the feeders there are NOT 2-way. He understood.
He told me to wait, standing, while he checked my license in his car.
The cop car lights were still on: red & blue, and headlights, bright!!
I was facing the lights, and I noticed that the headlights started to flash, blink on & off randomly... while the cop was in the car...
Beforehand, I thought he was going to give me a soberiety test (for alcohol), but at that moment, I thought to myself:
'Is this a TRIP test?' :)
So, I nervously turned away and started looking at the beautiful night sky.
He came back out, gave me my license, and said to be more careful, and added that asking a cop, "What's the problem?" instantly gives suspicion to officers.
And I just told him, "Well, I'm just naturally neurotic.." :)

And I went happily on my merry way... -kc

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From: (FleeFlyFlow)

(Cyberslut) wrote:
Man, sometimes America seems SO behind! I can't wait for the day when EVERYONE dances! I was at this club/party night thing a couple of weeks ago, and this man that HAD to be in his fifties was out on the floor shaking his little booty as much as his age-stiffened back would allow - he had no friends with him, no one was speaking to him, and he didn't really even seem to mind! But still... it would have been nice if one of us (myself included, because I didn't take the initiative) would have went up to this open-minded older gentleman and said, "Hey, whassup?" Ha! Maybe here's the answer the the generation gap.

Hey now, don't rag on America! At my last rave, an old man was there too. (maybe the same one?) But this guy was like in his 70's or 80's, with just a little bit of white hair. His worn-out old body would barely let him dance, but that wasn't stopping him. But how were all the young ravers acting towards him? We all loved him! People were coming up to him, giving him candy and other assorted party favors, giving him high-fives and yelling "What's up Old Man??" and "Keep partying Old Man!!" It was awesome! Seeing that Old Man partying with all the kids, right in the middle of this mindblowingly great rave, would definitely qualify for one of my great moments of rave. Right here in 'merica too.. 8]

From: (Cyberslut)

I was just telling a friend of mine about this - thought I'd post it too since it was pretty cool...

Anyway, I was at this Rennaisance reunion party in Orlando, Florida last spring - it was Dave Canalte (spelling), Kimball Collins, Sasha, John Digweed, and someone else, and a live performance by this black guy who sings on a lot of stuff and has a really awesome voice. There were about 2000 people there, and the party didn't start until 2:00 am, but it was in the Beecham Theatre which is HUGE! Anyway, at 11:00 the next day, when the party ended, EVERYONE was still there, and when the doors opened, all 2000 people came POURING out onto the streets. This was in DOWNTOWN Orlando, with a church right across the street. There were families in their Sunday Best, of course, watching the spectacle, and shaking their heads like, "Oh my GOD! I hope my children don't end up like that!" as they went in to church. Well, right as we came pouring out the door, at least fifty bikers all on huge Harlies cam flying by (at the time it seemed like fifty but then again I'd been up all night and then some and maybe I couldn't see straight), right on the street, a MAIN street in Orlando, in front of all these raver kids. Everyone started cheering and yelling, and it was really cool. Okay, maybe it doesn't qualify as a Great Moment In Rave, but I'll never forget it!

From: ETTINGS <>

EMPIRE in Pellhum, something got fucked up and there were no lights and no music. After the whole place cleared out me and my friends helped sweep the floor and played football (with a waterbottle) with newly-met guys.

From: (TYRANT 3)

The best moment has to be standing outside rubbing your hands from the cold waiting to get in, Feeling the bass through the building, with the twinge of the E coming on. Also dancing till you collapse is one of the better times.

From: (Lzagorsky)

hey, never though I'd find you here! You know how I feel about standing out in the cold though. Say you wouldn't be talking about ohm now would you? At least we know the heater in my car works. I definately danced 'till I collapsed that night, just don't leave me with all the backpacks again. Still, there's nothing like the feeling of walking out of a dark building into the bright morning sun. Talk to you later ; )

It's always a great feeling when you've got a handfull of lollipops and you're dying for a drink and you just happen to bump into someone with al jug o' water and a craving for sweets. We're all here to have a good time so reach out and make a new friend. That's what it's all about.

peace, kim