Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 00:41:20 CET

"Hi DeRavers, I am a raver from Stuttgart/Germany. I am raving since two years now and I never took _any_ drugs (alcohol & hasch included). But now things have changed a little bit. It all started, when...

I met this beautiful woman in the Cinderella-Disco/Tuebingen. She is from USA and has been raving there before. Now she stays in Tuebingen for one year (a half year left), and thought that there is no party in the south of germany. But the she met me. The next day DJ Andi (Nexus/Schorndorf) was in Cinderella and played a wonderful Hardcore-Acid set, I completly freaked out. We talked a little bit (I am a little bit shy ;-). We saw again the next week some times, but on thursday (Cinderellas techno evening), I was in Warehouse/Cologne and got some E's with me, when I arrived friday in Tuebingen.

I phoned her and we went to Red Dog/Stuttgart. We arrived about 1:00, it is a nice time, because the room is not that full and it starts to get real nice. This evening there was a DJ from Loft/Ludwigshafen, and a group of transvestite (sp?) dancers. The sound was very good (only house music). After we danced a little bit, we were sitting on some small seats where the people normaly smoke theire pot. I gave her an E and we both took it the same time. I read a lot about E so I thought it should hit after about one hour. So we waited and talked (she is sooo nice, she is the first girl which really _understands_ what I am saying since I am raving (the others are thinking I am a little bit crazy raving whole weeks)). We spoke english all the time. After some time she said:

`WOW' ! Now you got to imagine her wonderful lips saying this. She told me her feelings, she got a nice feeling of touching everything and a boost in mind, I got mine some minutes later. There have been now visual effects like you would aspect from a drug (I don't know, I never tried one, until now). I felt very light and when I raised my hands they simply drifted away like under no-gravity. `WOW' ! Our minds where working very fast and we talked and talked. We got very thirsty and got a big glas full of ice-cubes at the bar for free (so nice people in Red Dog, check it out). She is a little bit strange, drinking water out of the wall (don't know the english word), remembers me a little bit of `Harry & Sally' (and the ice-cubes on an extra plate ;-). So we were standing at the bar and watching this people. They all looked so friendly, the dancers were passing sweets, and every body was smiling. I looked people right in the eyes and dark pupil in dark pupil, we were connected. Then we started dancing, I loved it, I did this before, but this was really WOW. She asked me if she could touch me and she touched my breast through the t-shirt. I liked it, but it was not important, important was that she was there, I was there and everybody was there. We danced, talked and eat ice-cubes the whole night.

At 8:45 the club closed and we hitchhiked back to Tuebingen and went to my appartment (I said: hey, lets chill out at my place, it is bigger and I got a lot of house tapes). We stayed in bed until afternoon and only kept on talking. Finally we made *PEEP*. We slept two hours and went to Red Dog again. Saturday is a normal evening and the normal DJ plays. It was very nice again and we took another E. This time I really started talking, nonstop - english - two hours. Suddenly (10:00 :-) they closed, and we went with some friends outside and took some breakfast, but we were not really hungry. I wanted to go to an Afterhour-Club Nexus/Schorndorf, but she was to tired, so we went to my place again.

We didn't split the whole week, until she had to leave for six weeks to another country, on the next Sunday a week later. We've been away every evening and on Thursday we took another E in Cinderella, Marc Spoon was playing and it could have been a nice evening, but I wasn't really in the mood. I calmed down and didn't felt the E at all, but my girlfriend had lots of fun and I didn't wanted to make her evening bad too. But when we were home at about 7:00 (she was sleeping for 2h, I was awake all the time), I got a very nice flash backup and I woke her up and we had fun until the sunrize.

I don't want to advertise E's. In fact I think that raving is enough fun. The sound and people are everything you need. I did it for my two years without E and I will do it without in the future too. But I think X is the drug for me. I never liked this people getting drunk or stoned, I don't like the mood other drugs create. Acid, speed, Happies and Cocain are nothing for me because I fear the risks and I don't want any uncontrolled special effects. The E gives me the feeling, that I am under total control. I can raise my mood and I can let it drop. I can be normal from one second to the next. E can't make you really addicted, but it makes you say `Hey, why not, its fun', and it can make you say this on every rave you are.

I will not take any E until my girl returns, but I will go to the Space-Woodstock (3 days) and will enjoy to be sober, to have fun, meet people and dance until ecstasy.
I am raving. Can you feel it ?"