Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 04:04:47 -0800
From: (John Draper)
Subject: First report from Australia

Latest info from RAVE HEAVEN!!

Well, It's now Wednesday here in Australia, and Tuesday in the USA,, and this is yet another wakey rave report on an interesting weekly happening in Sydney, Australia.

In the Darlinghurst district in Sydney which is similar to the Castro in San Francisco, there exists this pub called Bently's on Crown St. And every Wed evening, a group of very interesting musicians called Clan Analogue, which is a collective of talented musicians, hold a "get together/ dance party" with DJ'd music, and live acts.

I'm not sure of the DJ's name, but he started off with hi-nrg house, slightly faster than the normal pace of the SF scene. About an hour later, the most insane hi-energy acid trance started to fill up the dance floor. I decided to do this one sober - And as usual, the music pumped in just as much awsome energy into my body that L and E could have done. And at the prices of "E", doing it sober was really neat, and absolutly necessary.

All around me, I was pumping in energy into the dance crowd, and to be honest, they just aren't used to seeing a old 52 yr old dude from America dancing like a maniac. It seems that the club scene here has a really interesting vibe. One thing I noticed missing are the Gangsta types. They just don't exist here. Or if they do, they are doing a good job of hiding. Very few Black people here.

I've come to the conclusion, Sydney is RAVE HEAVEN!! And I encourage every self respecting raver to get down, Down under... These guys really know how to party... And I'm being deluged with people asking me about the SF scene. When I say it's Housey, they say "Cool, but we like more variety". House music takes a 2nd stage over here, but in the club scene, it's mostly house.

Almost everywhere I go, I hear techno... in the shops, on people's car radios, in the clubs, and on the radio. Especially on the radio.

There are no stations that dedicate ALL their time to techno, but it's not that hard to find it on the dial perhaps about 50% of the time. For instance, on 2SER FM, they have it from 2 - 4 pm every day.

They also got community stations here, and one in particular is Radio Skid Row... A low power station, serving the center of Sydney with about 60% techno and alternate programming.

On thursday evening at 1 am, I was invited to be interviewed on the radio and talked about the SF scene. It was recieved very well, had many people call in and ask me questions, as well as give messages out to listeners.

Vic Zitser, a DJ, hosted the program, and before the radio show, we sat behind his turntables at his pad and I got a chance to spin some Happy Hardcore, and Acid trance, and he showed me how to gradually "up" the tempo from 130 bpm to 180 bpm in a totally seamless way. A very interesting DJ trick. I wish OUR DJ's would do things like that.

I also met Bernie, the dude putting on this birthday bash, and he reminds me of Frazer Clark...

It appears to be very common for DJ's to start off relativly slow, say around 140 BPM, and gradually increase the tempo to 190 BPM in a single 2 hour set.

Happy hardcore, totally absent from the SF scene, primarily due to it's faster BPM range of 160 - 180, is just not yet accepted in the SF scene, at least in the mainstream.

I have to say, it's really neat, and incredably ennergetic.

On the air, we talked and plugged "Bernie's Birthday Bash" a party thats to take place tonight at "The Pavilion". Other parties scheduled tonight are....

        -Symbiotic by Vibe Tribe
         DJs Nick (Prana U.K.), Eon (U.K.),
             Zeitgeist, Bass Bitch, Sub Bass Snarl
         Live: Squish, Non Bossy PossE
         + Chillamental Zone with Chin Bindi Bombasha Percussion,
           Cianamaya & guests.  Chai, Juice, Munchies Cyberdelic Video
         Info: 0055 22746  or 88.9 FM        $10
         Arena 1 - Ming D, Pee Wee, John Ferris, Hype,
                   Nik Fish, Jumping Jack
         Arena 2 - Martyn Allen, Dave Kirkpatrick, Andrew James,
                   Freestyle, Milo, Eden
         Lounge Bar - Sasha, Dion & Guests.
         1 Angel Place City (mear Martin Place)   9pm-8am
         Tickets:$15+bf from Reach'n Records, BPM Records,
         Central Station Records, Folkways, Parade Music,
         Spit Records, Music Zone, Mall Music
        -Revolt   at the Hyde Park Barracks.  10pm-7am
         DJs: Sheen, Dave Kirpatrick, Pee Wee, Nick Field, Mal Russel,
              Louise, Martyn Allen, Tim McGee + Guests.
         DJs: Fenix, Spellbound, Reaver, Jumping Jack, Georgy Porgy
         info: 0055 16171   Tickets: $20+bf adv.

As you all can see, there are just too many parties for this one heavy raver dude to swallow in one evening. But I was able to manage to get on Bernies, and Symbiotic's guest list, so will probably check out at least these two.

Almost all the parties take place in Sydney city center, and are all within the 1 km area.

There is one thing thats really annoying... It's those "0055" numbers given out on the flyers. They are similar to our "900" numbers, but when you call them, you can get soaked for about $5 per call, and it's really annoying when they have a 3 minute entro of just music and another 5 minutes of narration before the directions are given to the venue.

Last night, I got a hotel in Kings Cross, and WOW!! Whatta trip Kings Cross is on a Friday evening. There are strip tease joints and barkers constantly pulling people into their venues. Cover ranges from $25 for strip acts, and of course dancing. Most of these play house in the 120 BPM range. Boring!!

I dosed up a tab, and the "Cross" as it's called is really something to behold. First off, establishments can sell booze 24 hours a day. There is NO 2 am closing time. The ALL stay open all night long, at least until 6 am, and mostly till 8 am. Drinking age here is 18 and over, and ID checking is lax at best.

After leaving my hotel, I decided to go back to Club-77 to hear Phil Smart, Sugar Ray, Jumping jack, and Nick Fish. When I arrived, Jumping jack was spinning house, and I heard all the familiar songs heard in SF. It was like I ever left. Later on, Phil smart got on, and guess what... I heard the laughing song... So it's played here as well. :-) The name of this weekly is 'LOADED", and behind the turntables are a really cool Mural showing a loaded gun with a smile on it's side and a bullet coming out (Also with smile). For a club, the vibe was totally insane. I got tons of smiles, and people coming up and dancing next to me.

I think the Aussies are starting to get a feel for the absolute dedication to the scene that I represent. Although I've been nursing a cold when I arrived, it hung on for almost a week, and I felt like my energy level was at an all time low.

Jumping Jack finally went on, and spun the most awsome acid trance I've heard since Goa Gil.... Yow!! I went totally insane and almost completly forgot that I really wanted to try and get some sleep. But as it always turns out, sleep is something I always sacrafice when I have such a good time. One dude who calls himself "Stickey" came up to me and gave me a big smile and thumbs up. The dancing energy though was rather low for Calif standards but when Sugar Ray went on, WOW!! What a increase in energy.... Everyone was cheering and yelling just like back home.

The Club 77 is a rather small venue, and it can get hot and stuffy in there but I managed to find the air conditioner vent and a great spot to dance and stay cool.

Later on, Sugar Ray came up to me and asked me who I was, and where I came from. I filled him in on the details, and after I told him I was writing about the rave scene, he consented to an interview. Sometime soon, I'm going to sit down and talk to him about the Australian scene in detail and write up more stuff and publish it in SFRaves, alt.rave, and AusRaves.

So, later this afternoon, I'm going to interview him at BPM records. YEA!! They got a BPM record store HERE as well. I don't think they are affiliated with the BPM store in SF.

I'm sitting here in an American Cafe in the Cross, where I discovered they serve American Pancakes (A rarity here in Australia).

Well, I gotta prepare some Email to upload later, when I can find a phone, so I'll break off here... It may be as late as Wednesday before I'll get the chance to upload this.

WELL, I wasn't able to scarf up a freebie and get into Restoration, but bought a ticket anyway. When I arrived, they had two arenas set up, one playing house which I avoided, because coming from SF scene, we get all the house and garage anyone would ever want. So I headed directly for the Hard Core arena and loosened my body up a tad with some pretty insane breakbeat with Sasha behind the turntables. I was practically the only one dancing, so I decided to go down George St about 5 blocks to check out Bernies Birthday Bash. I then learned that the Vibe tribe party was to be in Alexandria's Graffitti hall of fame, which was way too far to make it on foot. So I called Mike Dagn to tell him that I couldn't make it, unless someone was to give me a ride.

Unfortunately, I didn't recieve Addey's message until long after the party. Sorry about that!! But I don't have access to a home phone anymore so I was only able to check my Mail a few days later...

As I was looking for the Pavilion entrance, I asked a few young Aussie dudz where "the Bash" was, and they said "You go to raves?" I said "Yup! I live to rave...." they asked how old I was, and after telling them, they said "Far out... We need older people here in our scene".

I then told them I came from Restoration, and it waas just starting up, and they said that they were planning to go over and check it out.

When I arrived at the Pavilion, things were just getting set up, and their dress code didn't allow shorts, but luckily I popped over to Bill's pad and changed, then came back..

Bernies party was a real slow starter, but I met this dude who was to be heading over to Vibe tribe at about 4 am, but was unable to connect as I explain later...

Bernies bash provided me with some wonderful Happy Hardcore which is totally non-existant in the SF scene (whotta drag), and now I know why they call it that. I was bopping around the dance floor with this huge smile on my face, groovin to the insane pace of 170 - 180 BPM's just getting off big time. My Aussie friends must have thought I was totally insane, as I was chasing the lazer beams all over the dance floor like a total insane idiot. Sorta like a dog chasing a flashlight beam :-)

I had been partying the evening before at the Loaded bash at Club 77, but my energy level for the 2nd allnigher was really cranked up and was totally peaking all evening until the end. Ahhh!! These double all nighters really get me going....

The Lazer show was really cool, and the fog machine provided my eyes with superb eye Kandy....

After a while, I wanted to walk around Sydney for a while and head back to Restoration, and by the time I arrived, things were going in full swing. I imediately wasted no time and got down to the most insane acid trance I've heard since hearing Goa spin. I met those same Aussie Dudz I met at the Pavilion on the dance floor, and they couldn't believe the energy I had.

I was certainly the oldest dude out there, as almost everyone was younger than 25. But I didn't let that stop me from really getting on and groovin big time. People around me were totally blown away as I poured on the energy and good vibe. WOW!! My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling I've done.

I headed back to Bernies Birthday bash so I could catch my ride to the Vibe tribe, but for some reason, Bernie's bash ended early, and there were rumours that Vibe tribe might get busted. This scared off my ride, so my opportinuty for a ride to Vibe tribe was reluctantly removed, and I had no choice to either head back to Restoration, or do this special workshop that involved watching the sun rise at the beach.

Not having an opportunity to go to a Sydney beach, we head out to Bondai Beach and watch the sunrise experimenting with a massive dose of "A".

The sunrise was awsome, and after that, we walked around the many coves and inlets as well as gawked at the beautiful homes, and jogging pathways along the beach. The cliffs were totally amazing.... The water was amazingly clear, very clean and sanitary beaches here. I haven't seen such clean water since I visited the tropics. The brown cliffs, carved by ions of years appeared to be sculpted by some insane artist.

After the sunrise, we ate breakfast, and took a bus back to the inner city.

From: (John Draper)
Subject: Happiest people in the world

The Happiest people in the World

Well, this is to be my first Mainstream Rave in Sydney, and thanx to Steve Bancroft, I got on the guest list.

On thursday, I learn the rave was to take place about 45 km south/west of Sydney, way out in the suburbs. I was supposed to meet the bus that was to leave the Central terminal at 9 pm.

On the bus, I meet one of the ravers that heard my radio program on Skid Row radio. This kid was blown away that he actually met me in person.

There is no doubt, I am the OLDEST raver in Australia... according to most people I met.

The bus pulls into an industrial complex, with scattered homes nearby, and I though that it was going to get busted for sure, because of the close priximity of homes in the area.

As I leave the bus, I could barely hear the music inside as the first DJ was spinning Happy Hardcore. Remember, here in australia, Happy Hardcore is MAINSTREAM!! but that not ALL you get. There were 3 other parties going on in Sydney this Sat evening. One thats not more then 100 meters from my doorstep in "the Cross", held at "Le Girls" nightclub, but got word is was mostly house.

The Fridays Green acres was cancelled, due to the outside area being flooded due to recent rains.

Anyway, back to the "Happiest People". I saved my E's and A's for this party, and wanted to be especially happy to insure the party lives up to its name.

This was a Kiddie rave, as named by the AusRavers, and I can certainly see why. Age ranges from 18 - 24, and few people with the exception of me, were much older.

I could hear the kiddie girls giggle when I walked by as these people aren't used to seeing older people at these gigs.

The venue, is a warehouse, with a chill out tent in the front parking lot, and clothing and shirt sales Kiosk and hot dog booth set up. Inside, the area was all the dance area, with the speaker system in the back, although they could use some additional speakers in the front, I suspect they were concerned with noise, as it got visited by the police several times, which resulted in the noise getting turned down several times.

After midnight, they allowed ins-and-outs, and people were congregating outside in great numbers. I saw a few police cruisers drive by, but no serious problems.

Inside, I was getting off big time, groovin to the insane 180+ BPM pace of Happy Hardcore. Gack! One song they played in particular was played 3 times that evening. It was a cool song, but VERY POPULAR when it was played. It even gets a lot of Air play on the radio.

I went to this rave alone, but was almost immediatly approached by people saying "You were at Restitution, weren't you?" I said Yup! "Better get used to seeing me here for a while!" he gave a thumbs up and said, "It's really great to see older people here". At first, people were somewhat suspicious of me, but once they saw me out on the dance floor, groovin and hoppin around like a mad Kangarooo, they really dug it.

Eventually, they got the lazers fired up, and WOW! What visuals. Almost all large mainstream raves have really great Lazer effects that really make the visuals really insane.

All throughout the evening, the music stayed ABOVE 170 BPM range, and as the pace quickened, it got as high as 250 BPMs and at that stage its all arms and little leg work.... As a new DJ went on, it would start at about 170 BPM, and gradually would increase during the DJ's set.

All DJ's did a wonderful job of seamlessly mixing the Hardcore songs, but there must not be that many Happy Hardcore songs out there, as several got played several times throughout the evening.

I have to say one thing about (HHC - Happy Hard core), it's Happy, and while on E, it's really blissful, trancey and you just can't help but keep a big fat smile on your face. Oh Yea!! people here also use pacifiers :-) Tee hee!

As the evening wore on, I really stepped up my energy, as I ussually do, to the amazement of my Aussie friends. They just dan't get used to seeing an older person having so much fun.

Later on, I met this other older person, perhaps in his upper 30's, and he thought that HE was the oldest until he met me.

This rave was to end at 10 am (WOW!! 14 hours of continious dancing) - Now we're talkin a REAL RAVE.... Tee hee!!

At one time, someone said, lets go up and dance on stage, but I was having a really trancey time where I was, Eventually, I grabbed him and pointed to the stage, and headed towards it.

People I passed, literally pulled me up there, but one of the staff told me to leave, as I left, others were ragging on the staff guy, saying "Bring this guy back up there!", so headed back and danced the entire set until there was a break.

At that time the girl was behind the turntables, playing some insane hard acid trance with little or no breaks in the beat. I literally WENT OFF! and everyone hopped up on the dance floor. I've never seen so many smiles from so many people in one place.

I would estimate about 1500+ people attended, if you include about 100 or so hanging around outside.

At about 10 minutes before the party ended, I started walking along the side, pulling people up to the dance floor.... "C'm on you slackers, get up and dance - this is the last song!" Most people were too tired to get up and stand, let alonne dancing. I even pulled up this one dude that ribbed me when I went to chill, earlier he said "Chilling already?" I said Yup! Gotta cool down... The heat and humidity rivaled Friends and Family, but climate here is awfully hot and humid to my standards anyway.

Then, towards the end, I saw him sitting down, so I grabbed him and said "Lets go... slacker! time to get up and dance yo ass off!" He shook his head in bewilderment, as I had been up there solid for more than an hour, but couldn't possibly even think of not dancing to this insane acid trance.

He finally got up, and several more complied, and I think I got about 15 - 20 more people up and dancing towards the end. Everyone really dug it... Towards the end, thie youg girl came up to me and said "Aren't you tired?" I said "I don't know the meaning of 'tired'".

At one point, about an hour before the rave was to end, someone was sufferig from an overdose, and mentioned that he had mixed speed with acid.

Unfortunately, speed is used here, all too often, probably because of the high cost of A and E.

When the rave finally did end, the music stopped and everyone cheered the DJ,. and the promoter came up and announced the names of the DJ's.

Finally, one more song was played, and yup! You guessed it, it was that HHC (Happy Hard core) song tha was played earlier.

As people were filing out, many were coming up to me, asking where I was from..... I told them that I was from SF, and many asked how long I've been raving.... I said... I'm from Old School!! WOW! I haven't seen or experienced such great respect and appreciation for me being there grooving with these fine people.

More next time...


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 20:24:35 +1000
From: (John Draper)
Subject: Vibe tribe party report

Vibe tribe report

Well, time once again for yet another report on the rave scene here in Sydney.

This weekend was the Vibe Tribe outdoor party in Sydney park. We heard on the radio that the location was fairly easy to get to, so we headed out there to check it out.

The location is at an old industrial park, at the St Peters train station. Sure enough as we got off the train, we heard the music. The party was much bigger than I expected, but it was certainly underground.

The soud system was set up against an old brick wall or building, decorated by black light posters. Out away from the dance area was the grassy part, where people were hanging out and chilling.

Almost immediatly I started dancing, but the DJ was changing the beats around with almost every song. Certainly wasn't continious. But when the other DJ went on, the energy picked up considerably. Sometime later, they were making an anouncement asking the crowd to not let the police get anywhere near the turn tables. But as I looked around, I couldn't see anything, so I continued dancing. The vibe was amazing, a lot like the Sunset parties in SF. Eventually, sometime around 2 am, the cops tried to charge into the group of people dancing near the front, but the crowd defiently deflected most of them back towards the edge. A person was up there asking people to stand form, saying "We have a right to be here, just like anyone else" .. Finally the cops backed off, and the dancing continued. It was short lived though, as the cops were staying back to re-group. This time, they charged into the group of happy dancing folks, getting mean and violent, literally knocking down anyone in their way. They dragged off several people, one of which was the promoters, without regard for the groups safety. One of the vibe tribe members was injured badly in the fracus, but the ravers stood their ground and chanted "We just want to dance...!". Then other people were yelling "Go out and stop the muggers and leave us alone"... Others were saying "Look, they are vandalizing your car, go and stop them...".

Eventually the cops found the generator, shut it down, and carted it out. Immediatly the group carted out the bongo drums and started drumming and defying the cops in any way possible. WoW!! would have to say, these Aussies got balls, because the group just refused to leave. More cops arrived, as the promoters were negotiating with the supervisor, and the cops were also being especially nasty. They eventually backed off, and allowed the drumming to continue.

All in all, I'm told that 17 people were arrested, and a half hour later, the media showed up, but we left after that, and I headed over to another party called MORPH, but at about 5 am, things looked pretty dead, but I met one of the vibe tribe members that got injured, who later asked if I would join in a game of billiards, afterwards, I finally left and headed over to Recovery. Recovery was practically dead most of the afternoon, then eventually went home for a while.

Later on, towards the evening, I headed back to recovery, when things started to get hopping, and "Shade", this new DJ was just getting on. Some people came up to me and said "This DJ is the best in Sydney". Shade started off with some slower tunes (around 140 bpm), but gradually, the beats started to pick up. WOW! This guy was amazing, scratching to 160 BPM beats, literalyy tearing my head to schreds, as he gradually worked from trance to hard core. At the end of his set, he was somewhere around 220 BPM's, literally taking off. WOW!! Now I see why this dude is so good.

After his set, Akira went on, and kept the "Doof Doof" sounds going for the remainder of his set as well. I eventually left, after that, visited some friends until late in the early hours of Monday morning.

WOW!! Another crazy weekend in Sydney...


Subject: Totum report from Sydney

Totum rave report

Greetings fellow SFRavers, AusRavers, and AdRavers... This Cyber Gypsy is back in Sydney down from hot, sweaty, tropical Darwyn. Makes me appreciate the wonderful winter of Sydney....Which, by the way, is warmer than the summers of San Francisco... At this time of the year, Sydney appears to have spring-like weather in the winter.

I arrived home about 10 PM on Saturday, just enough time to shower and relax before heading out to the following party.

   Saturday May 20th
        -Spirit Ov Thee Times - Totem Launch of "Zeitgeist"
         CD on If? Recordings featuring
         Voitek (Melb), Hi Fly (Melb), Calix (Syd), Blac (Syd),
         + DJs Biz E, Michael MD, Zeitgeist (Melb)
         Underground Cafe - 22 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross
         $15/$12conc.       Tickets available at Hardwax

I arrive kind of early, because it's less than 100 meters from where I live. Ohhh!!! How convenient.... to have my OWN private Chillout area... Tee hee!

As I arrive, Michael MD was spinning some good house trance but nobody was on the dance floor. After my flight back from Darwyn, I wasn't quite ready to get into it, so I schmoosed around, saying hi to all my Sydney friends who were all wondering where I was for the past week. Sheesh! Already, people are missing me.

I get the usual "I see you everywhere!!" person coming up to me... and after not raving for more than 13 days (OH!!! how horrible!! I certainly was ready. I had popped a couple o Daffy's about 30 minutes before arriving, and it was starting to come on.... WOW!! what 13 days can do to ones tolerance...

Yet more time passed, and the dance floor was still totally empty, and I said "FUCK THIS!!" and wasted no time getting out there to loosen up.

Almost immediately, this girl came out, with a big smile and urging me on. After that, I would say, within about 3 - 4 minutes, there were 15 people dancing. People were swarming into this small and cozy little venue (The Underground Cafe). It's entrance to the place has an iron gate, leading to the front door. The doorman was checking ID's (remember - 18+ to go to bars in Australia). The door then leads downstairs below street level where you pay $15 to get in.

As I entered the Cafe, they had sheets hanging from the ceilings, off to the left, in a raised section, there were rows of electronic instruments, synthesizers, and the like. It became clear the this was to be a LIVE performance of acid trance. OBOY! My favorite....

Down on the dance floor, towards a back stage, situated ONE of the 3 chill areas, with lots of pillows, and mats to flop down on.

Off to the right, were tables (Cafe style), and way in the back to the right was the bar. Other rooms leading to more chill areas, and pinball machines. The DJ booth was just to the right, up in an elivated section, facing the Cafe part, and Mike Dagn was behind the turntables.

Mike Dagn maintains the AusRaves mailing list, and had been a wonderful source for rave information, and the local radio stations use his party list every day to announce upcoming events. In fact, Mike was one of the first AusRave folks I've met (While I was in Calif.).

When the first live musician came on, I hardly noticed it. When I did, I was amazed at how well he put together his set. It seems a lot of people here are making their OWN music to each individual taste. As a result of this, there is such an amazing amount of variety that it boggles the mind. Initially, when Dagn went on, he stayed around the usual 120 BPM range, but as the evening wore on, the BPMs gradually increased upwards to about the Australian standard of about 150 BPM.

As usual, I literally went insane, hopping around the dance floor until it got so crowded that all I could do is go up and down. As I was chilling outside, a few young Aussie dudes said "You're FUCKIN SICK! - How long have you been raving?" My American accent always seems to get people to believe I'm from Canada. Not very many people from San Francisco come to Sydney, and I'm always deluged with questions about the SF rave scene. I would say ... They have mostly House and trance, and what the Aussies call Garage house. They would say.. "What! no hard core?" in total disbelief!!!

The live music acts were totally brilliant!! All fresh new stuff.

When the live stuff was over, I went home for a few minutes to chill out and stretch. As usual, Kings Cross is insane on a Sat evening. Kinda like North Beach in SF. It's so crowded that you can hardly walk on the sidewalk.

I eventually headed back to the underground cafe to hear the other DJs from Melbourne (See the info above). All were incredible... And thanx for Mike Jay for putting on such a great party.

The party went on until about 7 am. Afterwards, I went home, took a shower, and headed off for breakfast.

Recovery party - Pavilion tavern

After breakfast, I headed down to the Recovery, only to learn that the trains weren't running. They offered busses (for free - gee, how nice), I eventually get there around 9:30 am. Hardly anyone there, so I touch base with those coming from other parties. Learned there wasn't much going on last night. Other a talked to which they had come to the Totem event.

As usual, happy hard-core was on the menu.... I wasted no time getting on the dance floor, and had it all to myself. Eventually others followed.

It appears that Aussies usually don't stay up and rave all night and into the next morning. They go home, get some sleep, and head out to recovery in late afternoon.

The Pavilion is having a DJ contest, where each set is 20 minutes long, and breaks between each set they do. Most all sets were happy hard (sometimes referred to as "Kiddie Kore"). There was some Jungle, breakbeat and hose played as well. In fact, one of the house DJ's layed down a brilliant set of some really great house trance, and literally filled the dance floor.

As one would expect, I heard the same songs over and over, as each DJ had the same record in each of their collections. Other than that, and a few inexperienced DJ's I heard an amazing variety.

Later on, I meet this black dude from the UK in dreads. Actually, he saw me getting in on in the dance area, and I found out he was a DJ, and picked up on my vibe. Later on, I heard him spin some really good house (in the small room). Which was so crowded and hot, there was no way anyone can dance.

Besides, I liked the happy hard-core, and stayed out in the main area where is was much cooler.

I stayed at the pavilion from 9:30 am until midnight, pretty much dancing all the time, except to chill and go out and eat in the evening.

I eventually went home, feeling really great...

So, this wraps up yet another report from Sydney... More stuff to follow, as next week is DUMBO - A huge massive rave/circus event, alongside yet another rave "Space Cadet"... HOLY SHIT!! which one do I take in next week... Upcoming on the 3rd of June, and my LAST RAVE in Australia is MDMA-2 which is supposed to GET OFF!! big time... will be my big last Australian bash before heading back to San Francisco on the 5th, where I'll be at Come/Unity for my welcome home party, so save all that good vibe for me when I get back....

Oh!! what can I do, no more happy hard-core....


Date: Sun, 5 Jun 1994 10:25:40 +1000
Subject: MDMA/Alien Factory review

Alien Factory LIVE - MDMA-2

WOW!! The promoters actually came through, and I picked up the tickets to MDMA-2. The tickets are something to behold. They are laminated Mag stripe cards like ATM cards with the Alien Factory promotion artwork on the card. Cost of the ticket was $54 from Central records.

So, as Sat evening approacheth, I get word that this one was going to be way out of the city which was a 2 hour train ride to Richmond (Not California).

We arrive at the train station only to learn that it's going to be a 2 KM walk to the rave.

Long before we saw it, we heard it... "Happy Hardcore" was booming into the cloudy night.

The line was short, and got in very quickly. As we approached security they were keeping the tickets - BUMMER!! What a great souvenir they would make.

This place was HUGE... No estimate of the number of people that showed up, but I estimate about 7000 people. There was no chill room to speak of, but the people doing the lasers let us keep our stuff backstage.

About 15 minutes later, Alien Factory were starting up, and played some of the most wicked sick trance I've heard in a long time.

I was somewhat disappointed that their set was only 45 minutes long, but what they DID okay was really great.

After Alien Factory's set, Paul Holden took to the turn tables and laid down some incredible Happy Hardcore

I went off BIG TIME, dispite that I also went out to Energy on Friday evening as well.... I saw MANY people there who said they saw me at "The happiest people...", and "Smerf Village".

At one point, I was dancing so hard literally trancing out, that one girl pulled me up on the stage to dance with the group. Holy shit!! The view from the stage, mixed with the lasers made for some of the most unforgettable visuals I'll experience in a long time. To look out there at the thousands of smiling faces was something to behold.

The energy at this rave was like nothing I've ever seen. Here I was, at Sydney's BIGGEST RAVE of the year, literally going insane....

As usual, the same happy hardcore songs were played. I swear, there aren't that many Happy Hardcore songs out there, I keep hearing them over and over....

A little later on, I went out to get some water, and when I pulled out my money to check if I had enough, one of the security guards led me away from the group and demanded that I show them the contents of my wallet. I asked what they were looking for, but they said I had a "baggie" - I convinced them that they were wrong.

Back to dancing... As I returned, people walked up to me, shaking my hand, saying they have never seen anyone so old "Get off" like I was doing. They would say... You're fuckin SICK!!! As I approached the front, people led me up to the stage, where there were about 3 or 4 people dancing. Even the security guards were smiling and looking at me dancing up there.... A couple of girls grabbed my hands and we danced around up there on the stage like there was no tommorrow. Even the sound crew joined in, as well as a few security guards.. It was simply incredible...

The lasers, mixed in with the smoke machines, made for some eye popping visual.

As dawn approached, the crowd still stayed the same.... energy level somewhat increased at this point. But as late morning approached, people were leaving, and the last DJ spun some housey trancey stuff. he DJ (Mr. Groove) was from the UK.

It eventually ended, and we made it to the train station OK, and headed back into town....

This was the BIGGEST rave I've ever been to in my life... What a way to end my Australian trip..

I leave for the Bay Area on Monday, and as I'm typing this up now, before I leave for the USA, I want to get in this report. I also went to recovery, danced until about 2 am.

I eventually got home, typed in this report and got it up there to the net....