From: (Frederic Bell)
Subject: Raves in South Africa
Date: 13 Feb 1995 16:47:23 GMT

On Saturday 11th feb, a rave was had by all at Club Nexus. The rave was organized by VORTEX Productions, a 'team of small experts' along with a seven beam lazer, the usual ubiquitous strobes and a 10k meag sound system supplied by the 'mad german'. Special effects included Volcanoes that spewed dance-floor smoke in the chill room. The event was enjoyed by over 2000 crazy rushing happy smiling sweaty ravers dressed in all manner of minimalistic, imaginative outfits. (Little back-packs were also in evidence) Smart drinks were supplied by Frontier, echoing the health-consciousness of ravers in Cape Town. Queues started forming before 10pm. Doors opened at 11, to house, followed by a live band beating rythms on bongos and accompanied by applified dij'. The cages, which were easily accesible, were accessed by jugglers, fire-eaters and a mysterious wild-west cowboy & cow-girl who created sparkes with chain-saws. Later various DJ's supplied a great variety of Techno on the main dance floor, with jungle and hard-core provided ina seperate and smaller area much to everyone's displeasure. Jungle has a serious following here in Cape Town.

By 3am, there were hands in the air, on the dance-floors, in the chill-pits and even in the toilets. Hands reached out for lazer beams and some kind fellows wondered around feeding people water from huge plastic canisters. Ravers were discovered in all manner of rooms such as the 'the secret dream' room and the 'strobe room'. It was rumoured that some die hard ravers were still at it, 15 hours later. The DJ's installed a beach umbrella to protect their valuable equipment from sweat condensation. An absolutely positive rave was had by all, the theme of 'unity, love, peace and harmony' brought into wonderful existance.