Date: Sun, 4 Jun 1995 10:18:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Abu Hajj <>
Subject: Just a little story ;-)


I'm on the younger side of things here. I'm a frosh, goin' to school in LA (pasadena, actually). I've only been to a few raves, but i've already fallen in love with the vibe. I wanted to throw in a few thoughts on stuff.

My first experience with togetherness: i'm sitting outside a cafe, th red door, run by my school hanging out with my friends. We were discussing all the crazy things people discuss when they sit round drinking coffee, like what to do the coming weekend, which clubs we wanted to go to, where parties we wanted to got to would be, when one of our friends (Damien) came up and informed us of a rave. Everyone else had been to a bunch, but for me, i was like "whoa yeah! i've never been to one before" So all the plans were made and the next evening, we piled into a minivan, and off we went. I was exited, nervous, curious, happy, a panoply of emotions and so i had absolutely no idea where we went. We got there, this funky guy took our tickets and stuff, and we were in.

The part that i remember best, remember most, and is the most important to me, was this . . . There was a point when we were all dancing, everyone really close to each other, and i could feel the currents of people. if you looked at it from above, you would have seen swirling bunches of people. It was easy to head in the direction of the flow, impossible to head against it. What it was was a whole new level, where the dj, the music directed us all unconciously together on a gigantic swirling pattern. I recall being sucked into the middle and dancing and dancing and dancing. . . It was wonderful.

I'm not really sure if i explained well what happened, but it's something akin to something i read in a book around last christmas. if i ever remember what i read, i'll send the title or someting. I think it's a short story called 'do ya wanna dance.'

After feeling the flow of people, the togetherness, the music, everything, i decided that this was a community of which i wanted to be a part. I now have a better idea of what i'm looking for out of life, too. I'm looking for a place where everyone is at peace, loves one another; the community would have unity, and we would all respect one another. Then, something would pull us all together, whirl us around, and that would be heaven.

I enjoy telling this story, and i also think it would be totally cool if other people told of their first experiences. I'm sure y'all have stories that show the enlightenment of what we do. Please share.

p.s when we finished that morning, we went to mcdonalds, but since we had gotten lost on the way back, they weren't serving breakfast anymore. That was neat

C-ya all!

until later- jim pierce

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