From: sarah weisberg <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 13:45:23 -0500

Last night, I went to see dj DRC and dj LOVE in Dallas, and something happened that's never happened before. I thought they (the dj's) were sending me telepathic messages, telling me how to dance! I am so serious!!! When they played samples of people saying things, I thought the samples would be directly from them to me, like,"Pretend you're a bird", but the only thing was, I was the only one who could hear what the samples were really saying. To everyone else, it was just another sample.

The music at raves sometimes "takes over", or the dj is really awesome and I start to dance my a** off, but I always still think about the way I'm dancing and plan what I'm gonna do next. Last night, It felt like I was a tool linking the dj's to the was like they're thoughts, vibes, and beats would go directly to me and I would then dance the way they wanted me to. I didn't think about anything. I knew how the music was going to change before it played, just as if the music was inside me, making me move. I had no control over the way I moved. I had given my body to the dj's to use for a better cause.

Now don't think that I'm just some fucked-up, dillusional girl, because I assure you, I'm not. Something magical happened to me, and just want it to be shared.

If anyone has had a similar expirience, I'd like to hear all about it...just to be sure I'm not the only one....

And, If anyone know's if dj DRC or dj Love can be reached via e-mail.....PLEASE tell me.

                                        PLUR forever,

From: cw223@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Jason Parsons)
Date: 15 Sep 1996 12:02:41 GMT

It's beautiful, isn't it? =)

Now don't think that I'm just some fucked-up, dillusional girl, because I assure you, I'm not. Something magical happened to me, and just want it to be shared.

It happens to me all the time when I'm centered and grounded in the right state of mind.. It's like I've heard every song before and I can always sense the upcoming builds and breakdowns.. I love screaming at the top of my lungs when I hear the first few samples of some wicked wicked track the DJ is mixing in... you just have to let your body remember how good it feels to move, ignore any suggestions it gives you to slow down, and relax your mind, body, and soul.

I remember reading an article in a magazine (Men's Health?) talking about how we only actively use around 10-15% of our brain, and that the rest is more primal, and can react more deftly and precise than our concious mind. I think that when we enter the trance state we surrender ourselves to our subconcious mind.. letting it, and the rhythm take hold..

-- Jason Parsons
Computer Engineering
University of Ottawa

From: Charlene Ma
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 01:49:33 -0400

I totally understand how you feel. It takes a great combination to make it happen. I love it when you get a good DJ who can feel the pulse of the crowd, dancers in their own individual groovin' style, but who still sharing a positive vibe with everyone, and once in a while someone with great improvisational whistling that just totally creates something new to the beat, and it all melds into one big cosmic soup; and everything is one and you can't separate the music from the moves or tell which comes first.