TECHNOPAGANISM - The Unification of Mysteries

Deep inside all of us, we feel a spirituality. Some of us are forced into a belief system which allows us to deal with our spirituality, but hinders our expression of real humanity. Christianity plays crazy games with sexuality. Atheism locks us away from our very need for spirituality.

Many have found Wicca, the modern worship of the nature goddess in her many robes, based upon old european religions. Wicca does a very good job of accepting what is means to be human, to be social, to be sexual, to be a woman, or to be a man. Wicca makes few dogmatic claims, indeed, it is a free-flow religion, with most formalities, if any, worked out by local covens.

But there is a strong spirituality within many of us we cannot hide from any more. It is as new as computers, but the force behind it is as old as humanity itself. We, as humans, are tool-makers. Magick has long been associated with the making of precision tools, axes, swords, goblets, fire.

But the new techno-magick is no longer is simple, serving us in the fields or in battle. It allows us to study the very nature, the goddess, we come from. It has become meta-magick, a meta-mystery.

The force is great, and especially the programmers, laser jocks, scientists, and silicon architects can feel it. The technology has a spirit of its own, as valid as the spirit of any creature of the goddess. This is the spiritual force we, those who are called technopagan, feel and must express. Not suprisingly, we find ways of bringing technology into our worship.

Our grand challenge, though, is to balance our exploding technology with the forces of nature. We must do as we will, but harm none.

Many of us already have our ceremonies...our Raves, our HamFests. But we must seek further balance with the goddess...the Field Days, the Winnebiko, and more worship which mixes the tech with the nature.