From: Sergio Henao <>
Subject: techno ramblings
Date: 11 Aug 1995 22:00:59 GMT

what is it about you techno that makes me love you so? how is it that i'm willing to spend more money on you than anything else? reponsibilities seems to be nonexistant when i listen to you. you take my mind away. carry me farther from all that i can't stand to see. i want to dance my self into oblivion. come on mr. dj play it all night long and keep it slamming. like those sonic elephants. like the wandering gypsy. like the screaming eyeballs. lost in my head, pounding into other people's heads. trance myself into a newer clearer state of consciousness. that's what i want to do all the time. drugs, alchol and even sex can't compare to you my love. yes that i love you more than all that i know of right now. my object centered universe comes to naught when i get my ear candy. all is forgotten, just fill my soul with the temptious beat and screaming trebles. taking me deep into space and throw me back to earth when the song is over. let me ride your waves and let me see all that there is in the beautiful music that i call techno.

i welcome you all to a most beautiful music...

some aimless words from Sergio