From: Your Name here <Your DONS>
Subject: Some thoughts on Rave as religion
Date: 19 Apr 1996 01:28:18 GMT

When i was at Organic recently, there was one point when the music was just pumping i kept waiting for the "vibe" to hit, because i wanted the place to explode with the ENERGY that keeps everybody coming back for more. OH MAN, just thinking asbout that energy gives me chills. BUt what happened was that the dj (i honestly don't remember who it was; i want to say Carlos, but I'm not sure) kept tweaking with the audience and bringing the climax *ALMOST* there and then bringing everyone back down. I was asbosfuckinglutely out of my mind, i was near tears, all i wanted was the climax, i didn't care what th fuck else happened. All of sudden i realized that it was similar to when you're having sex and for whatever reason, you can't come and all you are doing is FUCKING YOUR BRAINS OUT, exerting every ounce of brain energy trying to make yourself come so that you have your orgasm and go to sleep. That was how i felt on the middle of the dance floor. And I realized that the dj had POWER over me. I was basically prosituting for the dj: i was a slave to what he had (the proimise of the climax) and he was flexing his power and tweaking with me to see how much i could stretch myself out for it. It really scared me. I mean, it worked out okay, i'm not emotionally damaged or anything, i didn't fall into pieces, actually right after it happened, i went and had a cigarette with my brother and pretty much forgot about it :}, but every now and again, i think of that feeling, that split second where I would do anything for the dj to give me that climax.

So, when I hear people talking about rave as religion, I just want to put $.02 in and say that some religions are more cult than religion, and i think some dj's definitely hold the power of a cult in their turntables and in their speakers, and it's really not something that i want to get down on my knees for. Just a thought, I'm not bagging here. I still think that rave is one of the best things the 20th century has to offer, but i think that if left unchecked, it could turn on us.

*P*L*U*R*, Love, Kitten