Secret Insight Knowledge About Trance!

Visualize yourself dancing for hours without interruption, overflowing with bliss. Suddenly, that, which you've believed until than represented reality to you, explodes into a world of psychedelic imagery and leaves you within swirling energy patterns, that appear everywhere throughout matter. And when the world starts to glow, you've somehow recognized the symbols, that lead to specific reactions and caused an entire universe to tremble into pieces, unfolding itself anew from within. The world and the suffering of the body are swallowed by a raging kundalliny, down into a silent abyss of darkness. That, which lies beyond death holds the space for the suns of our souls to shine forth in limitless freedom. After you've passed through the gateway of your delusory fears and have surrendered all false self images to the "ONE" among the many, you gladly exchange your entire life for that one eternal moment you've just experienced! In fact, it would be a worthless life without having starred into the eyes of eternnces will carry you directly into the arms of the infinite.

Once tapped into the ultimate and formless life-potential, that exists within each of us, anything one imagines, creates itself instantaneously by thought. That's why it works that when through certain sounds and/or subliminal messages memories are retrieved, one (re)lives certain experiences and/or (re)learns from them. Generally it is good to live through as many incarnations as possible during a night of dance, before arriving at sunrise, hopefully unified. Once purified, you can join in the dance of the celestial beings within the kingdom of the ultimate and enjoy the freedom of existing anywhere, anytime simultaneously. You can enter the universal mind-lattice once your body/mind is completely relaxed, transparent. It happens the moment pure energy moves through you. It moves you!

Through the vibrating sound movements in the music with the golden light that opens the door to the galactic insight, you can travel far across and throughout space. Boundaries of time dissolve and unfolding entities present themselves as an opening to the interface, to carry you in between dimensions, free of personal intentions.

Stretch the cosmic syllable A-O-U-M into any possible way (it is endless) and you've got GOA-GAIA-universal sound. Some tracks are like an audio translation of the Kabala, numerological, mystical scriptures. If you travel on the monotonous, entrancing beats that are so similar in nature to the pulse of your heart, you might find yourself breathless at times and speechless with smiles.

Mystical experiences+Religious influences are:
Taoism (Tai Chi), Sufi, Hinduism (Yoga), Buddhism (Meditation), Cabalism (the tree of life), Shamanism (navigating consciousness), Mysticism of all religions and tribes of aboriginal people that are one people, influence the culture. Mayan, Egyptians, Pixies, Pagans, Gypsies, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Africa and Nature-magic all play their part in the play/pray-fullness that enhances our senses during the trance dances. Shiva/Kali and Tantra are major to Goa trance. But anyway, all religions once sprang from the same source. The mystical experience gives personal understanding and unclouded insight into the real nature and meaning of life and death. To follow a movement on the external world will only lead you away from your intuitive heart (the channel to god and light-being(being light)-realization) that can be felt when tuned into the within.

Remember: only change is constant!

Today parties grow like mushrooms out of cow paddies, all around the planet. To dance will help everybody in the transitional process of letting the old conservative things fall to make space for "flowers to grow through concrete"!

About the ritual: The "elite" Goa connections are mostly universal and planetary life-travelers who have met through magical circumstances to unify and gather their strength on this mission to manifest the perfected vision. We ask for guidance and supervision from the eternal light beings that we invoke in our meditations. Their appearance clears away the fog of the superficial Ego-selves that cloud the clear perception. We weave a circle of light around us. This way we strengthen our global family and initiate new people into the pure realm of unconditional love. Through the understanding of the collective, we can learn how to share ideas and how to communicate them with one another. We try our best to respect our differences with the vision of our common origin and destination always in mind. We all are mirrors of each other. And through reflection we learn how to grow and change together with and in the present towards the light and love that fuels our soul:

"c o m e - u n i t y ! "

Somehow, we as humans lost our tribal roots and are now left controlled by the "patrolled" in isolation and distrust amongst each other. We have almost lost our root memory of bliss, the divine ecstasy without which we miss the warmth of love that nurtures our soul. But once upon a time we all have lived in tribes and danced in circles, all around planet earth. When does this circle complete the cycle for you and spirals you up?

During rituals consciousness unfolds and expands itself slowly from the individual to a group awareness. The mandala comes globally together when we understand and accept all life forms to be part of our true selves. It aligns us with the planetary grid. Then, from the dot of the earth in the perspective from outer space, we embark into the astral realm where we finally surf throughout time and space. Ultimately we abide in the beyond, existing in a humming silence, observing the wisdom of the "All" that is inscribed on a dream reality-DNA. When we finally arrive back home, the inner peace and contentment we so deeply desired settles our restlessness.

Then, when we are dispersed like ashes that is left after a holy fire, the message spreads throughout space through our voices, that are God's chants, that all life was created to express the freedom of unlimited choices, to share our vision and ourselves, to coexist in peace anytime, anywhere and nowhere (= now-here) at the same time, no time.

Goa parties have the potential to break down the limitations that only exist within our own minds. They open the door to a limitless imagination to which we have been blind before we knew what we could have not known, before we saw the awe.

Through the shamanic journey one re-connects to the root of all reality's spring. In India everything is understood as being whole, holy, part of the divine creation that embraces everything, and everybody is embraced by it.

We invite anybody to join their hands into the circle, to express their innermost intimate selves, which is, when liberated, without limitations or boundaries, absolutely free of judgment, comparison, division or to make it simple, free of thought.

-Aloha namo shivaya-
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