Shamanarchy in the U.K.

evolution^ & Friends

If you think Britain gave House to the planet and then got "clubbed to death" by sharp managers, shallow DJs and uptight authorities


That only drove the Rave Spirit UNDERGROUND where it was radicalized, politicalized and has been growing ever since in thousands of squats, festy/rave free parties and clubs. It's bigger and more alive today and is hatching a peoplepower Movement that will _Shake the World!_

Across a reemerging pagan Britian, underground anarchist armies regularly deliver illegal dance music to the people against all odds

Unpaid guerilla-rave networks of mad jhad dance fanatics and sound terrorist activate ituitively intricate strategies by fone fax'n foot to outwit the lawbreaking efforts of government agencies spending millions of taxpayers money to stamp out unlicensed dancing and get everybody back into the pubs before the anarchic spirit of dancing with fellow beings under open skies in tangy pagan groves sends them barefoot mad and unemployable - as well as unemployed and living in cardboard boxes as many of them already are.

When we start asking why they do it, we come face to face with deeper questions like: Can anyone 'own' land, especially 'common land'? What the Hell has become of the noble Albion dream of a golden flowering of civilization which still lurks in each of our hearts? What went wrong? Is it changing fast enough? And what more can I do?

As the depression in the dominator system deepens into final collapse the cooperative free festy/rave/squatter/new new age/techno tribal traveller crossover counterculture will become dominant Since the '80s Hippies the underground have been saying that the only hope for the dog-eat-dog Western culture before it destroyed itself and the planet was an invention that would enable every single individual in it, one by one, to escape the materialist made dream in their heads by getting back in touch with their hearts and bodies.

In the '90s every High Street in the land of Britain boasts exactly such a facility, a club retailing SHAMANIC TRIBAL DANCING SIX NIGHTS A WEEK too large groups of the youth of Western culture. A whole generation is getting out of its collective fucking head... and back into its body! That's Step One. But then you have to realize that "You can't have a perfect club in an imperfect society: You have to change society." And thats when the wild shamanic energy of Rave gets radicalized by meeting Hippy/Punk and comes of age just in time to transform the culture. No current cultural phenomenon but the scene has the mass eyes-open energy to spread this consciousness craze globally among the youth before the planet is destroyed!

And now such shamanic workshops are mushrooming across the planet! As the recession deepens throughout the decade, the cooperative free festy/rave/squatter/new new age/techno traveller tribal crossover counterculture scenes are the real green shoots in the Communal Economy which will grow unstoppably into the new dominant goddess-worshipping techno-tipi dwelling eco-culture that will inherit a clensed planet.

The System is disintegrating everywhere you look.

Right On! Up the Evolution!

The Old Age Control System abandons more physical & psychic territory to the spirit of SHAMANARCHY every day. The Centre is a lifethreat to itself as much as to everything else and cannot hold.

Supply us with the technology and the facilities and sweep the streets - we can handle the rest!

The Music Biz corrupted Rock n' Roll into MILLIONAIREBELS in thousand dollar rags & perms _playing revolutionaries for teenage pubescents_ Punk turned out to be mostly just the second childhood death throes of Rock'nRoll after all. But the best stayed true and were still on the road when House came along.

House is different, we all feel that. This time we won't be fooled - we don't have time! If Rock'n Roll was the rebellious trumpet that blew down the walls and left the New City of Albion open to us, the people, House is the background music in our headphones, synthesizing the triumphantly shining shamanarchic new new rave culture as peoplepower re-enters to inherit and assume command.

fraser. may 1992