From: Francis Van Aeken <>
Subject: Re: We are the new GENERATION
Date: 16 Jan 1996 18:16:31 GMT

- have you ever been squeezed by the long arm of the community??

Ehm, no?

That's because you're spoiled, living in Holland.
A couple of days ago I went to a rave somewhere in the south of France. The location -the ruins of a fortress- turned out to be swamped by cops. No way they were going to let us have a party. Eventually we ended up somewhere down in the woods. At a temperature near zero, with the generator at max power, and under a sky full of stars, we danced our asses off.

Ravers here are tough. They face French culture -ancient & unpermissive as their major enemy. The music is rough: acidcore & trancecore. The clothing is simple: battle dress. They don't bother too much about girlfriends & breakfast, they just want to party - which seems to take military tactics...

Coming from Belgium, I find the rave scene here a bit harsh. It makes me understand much better the rave counter-culture, though, which is still very alive in various places on the world...

Where did it squeeze you? Did you like it?

At raids during last summer, French police strip-searched people *in the open*, at the location of the raves. They didn't need to squeeze, but I'm sure the victims weren't too happy...

- we are moving forward.. we are all bound togeather in love..
- we are the new generation

Until the next one comes along, that is.

That sort of relativist, slightly decadent, reasoning is (unfortunately) not working when there's a war going on... There are places where it takes *commitment* to listen to techno.

Cheers - F.