This flyer was being distributed at WICKED.


In case you have been wondering what is going on with the House Movement in Britain, here is a taste courtesy of Evolution Magazine, Britain, May 1992.

Oh, yes, and remember, since the passing of the Bright Nill in 1990, dancing to House Music in natural outdoor settings is a criminal offense. Organizing such an event can put you in prision. This has forced House into the cogs of the western economic machine, empowering and giving the monopoly to the nightclub/alcohol industry.

Many people have sacrificed a great deal, even gone to jail so we can have our House Music and so that it can be enjoyed on a global level as it is today. Don't let them down. Let's not trivialize and take for granted this truly libeerating movement. House is a chance for personal and planetary transformation, and here in the U.S. we still have our freedom of expression [so far -ed] -- USE IT!

We are not here to just escape the world. We are here to UNITE!

This is our new form of expression; a movement that includes everyone. But wait-- it's not going to happen on its own. No one is going to do it for you. This is your place; your House Movement. It is reflected through you-- how you conduct yourself-- it is constantly being shaped by your actions and no one else's; both at the party and in the rest of your life.

It is this generation that is left to pick up the pieces and construct a post-nuclear, peace=keeping society that is mapping a course of regeneration rather than annihilation. What sort of people are we? The House Movement is helping re-establish solid foundations for a friendlier, conscious, more caring world.