From: (Mark David Friedlander)
Subject: Re: Criminal Justice Bill...
Date: 19 Oct 1994 13:20:28 -0700 (Jasper de Jong) writes:
What about the criminal justice bill?
Is it going to be reality?
Let's pray, people, that God'll help us with this one....It won't work here in Holland, cos people tend to think rave/techno is music from hell....;-)

It probably will make it through. Although there has been great oppostion to the passing of the legislation. In London there was a huge demonstration I read about reciently in Trafalgar Square. Excusse my spelling. There have been a few other attemps to stop it through public displays of dissaproval such as the many record relases reciently distributed with info. about the bill. But all of these forms of protest are limited. The global comunity needs to be made aware of this civil rights infringement. This is not a joke. The passing of this legislation in England is a very serious thing and it has far reaching consiqunces. The individual rave comunities must unite. First they must come together themselves and then as a global political unit. Now it is imperative. The Criminal Justice Bill is only the begining. They have been controling us since day one. For alot of us raves represent the outtlet to truly still be free within an opressive establishment. Don't let them take that away.

If your interested on the history of the bill and the history of oppression in England Details magazine ran an article about a year ago on the New Age Travelers, Squatters and Ravers and there run-ins with the government in the UK. Also a recient issue of Select magazine also had a detailed time line of busts, events and police actions that led to the bill. Spin recently also did a piece but I have not read that one yet. But please get informed. Education and free thinking make us stronger than them.


From: (Andrew Freeman)
Date: 2 Nov 1994 18:21:36 GMT

If the session in the houses of parliament go on time tomorrow, this government will have passed a law against raving and other personal freedoms (like the right to remain silent after arrest) by mid afternoon. I can assure you that all over Britain people are preparing themselves for the tribulation to come

And I don't just mean the KLF putting a 5K rig in the back of their Saracen armoured car, I mean hard and direct action will occur, test cases will be fought in the European parliament, we WILL stop this somehow. If you (as ravers) would like more inpho then mail me and I will try and answer your questions or redirect to you to someone who can.