LOVE PROJECT: on health healing, and happiness*

discover the happiness and joy that is living

take the time to find your purpose

set goals to achieve that purpose

realize each moment of life - consciousness: each thought, every instant, the capacity to create.

this message is one of love and happiness. it has been created with the hope that we may each find that love within ourselves: and through love, we may begin to heal.

we are the current trust. our planter (universe... self... whatever...) is in crisis. we must begin to THINK about our actions and how they relate to our existence. we must consciously ask ourselves why we would continue to engage in activities that destroy our-self; our brothers, our sisters, and the beings with whom we share this wonderous earth. the healing process begins within. if we cannot heal our-self how can we heal the world around us?

the promise: if we allow ourselves to continue along a path of senseless self-destruction then that is what will become of us... and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the process will begin again. (((( take some time to check out a sunrise sometime soon - it'll be wicked!))))

this mesage is one of love - the hope is that we may heal and togeather enjoy the fruits of this beautiful planet. let us celebrate life, dance under the sky, and be as one.

the vibe you send out is what comes back.

live your light - love to all.

peace - the love project

* well, at least ONE perspective: how you choose to engage this information is YOUR challenge

if this mesage touches you, feel free to copy it, create your own message, or both - then pass it on to old friends and new ones.