Enforced PLur

Date: Tue, 9 May 95
From: David Alves

enforced PLUR gives me the creeps
the PLUR police - always on time and snappy, ready to serve,
prepared to give all and nothing for that moment of squeaky clean
brain detergent that'll wash all your grey away
relinquish your mind, your soul
to the sunshine terrorists
give in. hell, read a book about it
there really must be something to this shit ...
do more people find inner peace at supermarkets or at raves?
if there were 5000 people who thought the produce section was truly a mind blowing cosmic fucking place to be would Safeway not have the same cultish draw and underground mystique?

swan dives,
call it belly flop if you will,
pull the feathers off one by one and
make me a real pretty new hat.

From: hpcprod@lcc1.nsc.com (Craig Lauxman)

Hmmm, enforced PLUR. Don't belive I've been beat about the head and shoulders with enough kindess and love to believe that the PLUR stormtroopers are in full force yet.

Not that being skeptical isn't a good thing.
It's a very necessary tool that should be used when trying to figure out the world of human interactions.
But care should be taken not to be blinded by skepticisem anymore than by cults, bosses, corporations, or the next "new age of love".
Remember, think for yourself, but try to use more than one track.

The Newt King