From: Vladimir Katz <>
Subject: rave culture
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 21:24:38 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, SARGENT,RYAN JAMES,MR wrote:
Hi there!!
I'm compiling a number of
articles for a small zine which I want to produce about Rave-Culture
Some of the things I had in mind were:
is there a philosophy to rave culture (why did it come about?)

yes!!! the philosophy is PLUR! PLUR means peace love unity respect! Basically raves R a place where peeple can go 2 be themselves, where everyone is accepted for who they are, where people will give you a smile and a hug even if U don't know the well, where you can escape reality and live in harmony with others for a while, wher you can dance your ass off all night till U see the sun rise, where U leave having more friends then when U came in, where the music hits U hard and won't stop, where everyone is equal, where you can sit if ya want 2, dance if ya want 2, talk if ya want 2, hug if ya want 2, clap or whistle if ya want 2, or just space out, or *anything*. This is all ideal and is how it was back in the days.

Do sexual/racial/social boundaries break down in environments
like a rave?? (I think that they DO!!)

DEFINITELY!!!!!! as I said b4, everyone is equal and does as they pleeze. Everyone is accepted!

Well, I hope this helps but one warning. Remember, U can never define rave or additudes about rave. The scene varies from country to country, state to state, and even city to city. (U wouldn't believe how different things in SF are from LA) Attitudes on rave even vary from person 2 person.That's why I subscribe to sfraves and read alt.rave : to see what others think. even people who have been in the scene forever disagree! each event is unique in itself depending on location, dj's, and especially the crowd. It is impossible to attend a rave and say "thats what the scene is like" cuz chances are its not!Raving is amultifaceted jewel that changes form from place 2 place and day 2 day. It's unstoppable, uncontrollable, and will never die. The more bad raves that happe, the more raves will go underground and throw smaller more positive ones. I don't know if you've been 2 one but U definitely should try it out. It's the best.

p.s. In your zine, don't forget 2 cover muzik!! and pleeze send me a copy! thanx!!! =)