• Thou shalt not kill the atmosphere with overt sex on the dancefloor.

  • Thou shalt not holdest a 40 while dancing, for the other ravers shall not hold him guiltless, who wields a Colt 45 on the dance-floor.

  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors glowstick, niether his nitrous balloon, nor his ecstasy, nor his spot on the dancefloor.

  • Thou shalt not holdest thy cigarette while catching a groove on the dance floor. For the other ravers might suffer burning flesh wounds or ruined rave gear.

  • Thou shalt smile at the gentleman or lady moving to the beat nearest thou.

  • Thou shalt not upset the holy Technics by jumping near or on the DJ.

  • Thou shalt not play gabber in the chill room.

  • Thou shalt wear extra deoderant so as not to offend thy neighbors nose.

  • Thou shalt use smoke so as to better envelope thy fellow ravers.

  • Thou shall announce all disc jockeys prior to their appearance.

  • Thou shall provide free fruit so as to replenish the thirst and appetites of thy bretheren ravers.

  • Thou shall open some door so as to allow the winds of freshness to cool thy congregation.

  • Thou shalt offer gum, candy, and most importantly WATER to those raving maniacs with whom thou cometh in contact.

  • Thou shalt not touch thine mouth to thine neighbor's water bottle, as plague and virus thus spread rapidly throughout the community.

  • Thou shalt not grimace nor act angry when bumped by a passer-by, but smile and say: "no problemo."

  • Thou shalt blow thy party whistle and wave thine hands in the air when the music lifts thine spirit.

  • Thou shalt not pass out chemical concoctions of thine own invention to fellow ravers. Only those tried and true chemical combinations that have been accepted by ravers since time immemorial shalt thou pass out.

  • Thou shalt not scam thy fellow raver.

    your oh-so-PLURy mtn-ravers:
    Aaron <>; pepper;
    ClarkovSaturn; gold-E; Barnaby (boulder-ct-uk); Wendy:)
    Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 09:21:38 MDT