Newsgroup: alt.rave
Subject: Natural Urine 4 Sale, cheap, only $20 per liter!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 14:06:38 +0200

As a regular user of MDMA, I found out an amazing fact!!!!! A friend told me this secret, that when you use MDMA (Ecstasy) most (93%) of it, isn;t used in your brain, but you piss it out in your urine!

Last week, I decided to test this. So When I was fucked up enough to drink my urine, I went to the toilet and did so. MAN!! It was good! It hit me within 15 minutes, and the rush was intense! SO good in fact, that I convinced my friends to do the same. Well, at the end of the evening, we were all drinking each others' urine, having a great time....!!!!!!

So this gave me this idea: I could sell my urine in bottles! It wouldn't be illegal, because, well, it's my own urine, I can do with it what I want. So if you want a cheap alternative for Ecstasy, which is safe, natural, and legal, then call:

only $20 per liter!!!!!!!!!!

Order now!!!!!
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Ralph Moonen
The Netherlands