Stardate: 1216.1994.09:29:46

"Captain, it's the strangest thing! The Borg suddenly are ceasing all hostilities!"

"Lieutenant Worf, Your analysis please."

"Captain I believe it is a subtle trick on their part"

"No Worf, I sense some strange emanations coming from that small class M planet in the adjacent system. Data, wasn't that planet settled by a combined betazoid/humanoid contingent about a century ago?"

"Yes Counselor you are correct, the 'HouseNation Posse' as they, at one time refered to themselves by, were a renegade group of anarchistic individuals who were completely devoted to a unique form of music which surfaced on earth in the late 20th and early 21st century. They assign great value to this music, almost religeous significance, and are completely dedicated to living in and spreading what they refer to as 'The Vibe'."

"'Vibe'? What is this Vibe?"

"Allow me to explain, During the late 20th century on Earth, a type of 'millenial fever' began to surface as the calender approached the year 2001. A strange phenomena of all night dance parties, often fueled by psychoactive drugs swept across the industrialized countries of the time."

"Yes! I remember now! These ecstasy cults spawned some of the most innovative artists and scientists that Earth ever knew!"

"That is correct Counselor. About a century ago a group of young people from your planet teamed up with another large group from Earth, together they formed the HouseNation, they inhabited this small planet, and since then have been joined by people from many different races and cultures. Their major export is Music, Art and amazing Cybernetic Technology, to our best knowledge, they have absolutely no forms of sophisticated weaponry."

"Yet the Borg seem immobilized, what could cause that?"

"Yes... I'm getting it now, wait Geordie, can you patch the bridge into these hailing frequencies..."

"What the devil is that!"

"That Captain, is House Music, in fact I believe it is the part of the subgenre labeled 'Acid House'."

"But how can simply beaming a strange form of music immobilize the Borg?"

"You see, Worf it's not just the music, it's this energy that they refer to as the Vibe. When the betazoids and earthlings interbred, they created a new race that had exceptional psychic powers; not only were they telepathic but they figured out how to amplify telepathic thought and even emotions and transmit them over long interstellar distances."

"You mean mind control! Turn this music off at once!"

"Wait Worf, not exactly, you see the HouseNation has a doctrine of nonviolence, their demigods are historic individuals like Earth's Ghandi and Martin Luther King, and Beta's Zenna, they don't seek to control other cultures, but they do believe in the concept of Aggape or unconditional love, apparently they are hitting the Borg with their 'secret weapon' a Luv Phaser."

"Luv Phaser?"

"Yes, they have managed to build a device that can amplify and send emotions out that are so powerful that they have a direct effect on the lifeforms that the beams come in contact with."

"But, but the Borg are a cruel heartless race totally incapable of such emotions!"

"Well Worf, judging from the effect that this Luv Phaser is having on that Borg ship, it seems that you are mistaken."


I'll see you all on the dance floor this weekend!!

G (Geoff White)