Date: Fri Jun 30 10:18:53 1995

I sure had a spiritual experience raving. The first time I had ever candyflipped (Actually this was my first time at a rave, and my first time doing ecstasy, but definately not my first time on acid) I started to see in trails, so for some reason I thought I was going to die... Well, I laid down for 5 minutes, convinced that I was dead. When I stood up, everything had changed. The music went from hard house to Ambient trance. I thought I was in heaven! All the people I had come to the rave with were gone (They went to the bathroom) and all the other people at the rave were dead waiting to get into heaven. Well, I had a great time going around meeting everyone and asking them how they felt being dead. Most answered with a puzzled face, other with a "fine, it's great being dead" until I came across a divine looking woman in a white sheeted toga... Naturally I thought she was an angel. I spent the whole night asking her questions about the future and what would have happened in my life if I wouldn't be dead. She answered all of my questions. Next, my friends found me again and told me I wasn't dead... Feeling rejoiced, I looked for my angelic friend, she had disappeared... And everything she had predicted had come true... I don't know what to think of that!!