Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 10:42:22 -0800
From: "John O'Brien" <

Once apon a time there was this raver wondering through
the woods when suddenly he
heard this tiny voice. He looked down
and there before him was a slimy green frog.

The frog said
"If you kiss me, I'll
turn into a beautiful princess and kiss you!"

The raver shrugged then picked up the frog and put it in his pocket and wandered off.
Soon after the frog interruped,
"If you kiss me, not only will I turn into a beautiful princess,
I will have sex with you!".

The raver paused and continued on. Again the frog spoke,
"If you kiss me, I will have sex with you for a whole year!".
Again no interest.
"I'll be your sex slave for life, you can do anything you want!!!".

The raver kept on going.
The frog finally preturbed asked, "Why won't you kiss me and change me into a person?".

The raver stopped, "But I see beautiful people everyday;
a talking FROG, now that's something special..." :]