From: (Mark Halsey)
Subject: New Rave Craze?
Date: 13 May 1996 23:22:33 GMT

Do you remember those DISCO maggots I informed u all about (live maggots dyed flouro colours by fisherman to help catch fish)

Well how about this then........someone suggested squirting flouro water at each other at raves parties....... well why not take in a couple of 'pints' of the beggers (disco maggots) into your next party and throw handfulls of maggots at each other whilst dancing.... what a wheeze........just imagine the squeals of pleasure from the girls as a couple of the 'wriggling flouro marvels' disappear down their dresses and imagine the look of surprise and surpressed glee from the head bouncer as he receives a misguided airbourne posse of disco maggs into his hair. Could you take a bouncer seriously if he addressed you under a flouro lamp, his hair literally wriggling before your very eyes in technocolour?

'Wig your mates out' by standing under a flouro lamp whilst cramming in as many disco maggots into your mouth and stand there with mouth open.

Watch in amazement as millions of mini lights go out as you stare at the dancefloor when a real stomping tune comes on.

Well wadja think? lets start at the top...... see ya at Stringfellows, it should be the start of a new craze and don't thank me thank the fishermen of the world.

Bet this idea gets banned eventually ( like all good ideas/fun) and we have to resort to smuggling in the maggots in our underpants etc.

Mark Halsey