From: (Hagbard Celine)
Subject: Area 51...
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 15:08:06 GMT

Area 51 is an area in New Mexico where the US Government has been testing the effects of rave and trance music to see if it prolongs the amount of time a soldier can be "battle-ready" in combat. Apparently, the right mixture of X and Trance music can keep a soldier fighting for at least 34 hours without stopping.

As far as aliens are concerned, it is rumored that since alien autopsies and the like are ALSO a large part of the Area 51 project, it is a logical assumption that aliens from another galaxy brought us Rave hundreds of years ago. For this reason, the US Gov't has taken apart their bodies and attempted to hardwire their brains into a human body.

This post is only a joke. PLEASE don't take it seriously!

From: gerry schauer <>
Subject: Assault on Area 51
Date: 13 Feb 1996 23:00:15 GMT

There seems to be no logical alternative but to prepare a troop of our own, get battle ready, and prepare an assault on Area 51. I propoze taking our Ecstasy about a half-hour before we hit New Mexico and pop in our Trance. . . better make that Hardcore tapes, just as we see the enemies eyes. We raid them of their supplies and feed them peyote (pretty evil isn't it). Or maybe we could distract them with pacifyers and Nitrous Balloons.

This post too is a joke PLEASE don't take it seriously. No really ;)

Commander Spirtles

From: Alien Jim Credland
Subject: Re: KickDrum
Date: 16 Oct 1996 22:45:57 +0100

Jim Cheese writes: ... WHY? did aliens programme us to obey drums?

Yes. And you will obey the rhythm as it enslaves your fellow man, until everyone is dancing, everyone who can hear the rhythm. Without break, rest or memory of before. And the dancing shall continue for a year. Upon the last day of the dancing, the aliens shall come down and survey the remainder of the human race, those still standing shall be judged elite. And we shall descend on to Mars and party like no mortal man has seen before.

Does that answer your question, man of flesh and bone?

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