Date: Wed, 14 Aug 96 18:23:26 pst
From: "Andy Wyszkowski" <>

I'll bring the 'Slip and Slide' if somebody else brings the DJ's and the audio gear!

So I'm writing this and I think, wait that could be really nifty. Maybe not naked, but bathing suits or something... and then I got this vision that we could throw a festive at a water park like Raging Waters and have it go into the evening. And then the Bosch-like nightmare started... (you should be getting that 'starting a dream sequence' wavering on your monitor now)

The chill wading pool

Lots of people on GHB groping one another in a state of body buzz bliss. Lifeguards working overtime to keep people from bobbing their heads underwater. One kid starts bad tripping, screaming "there's water all over me". Poor sod... another poor raver is crying because their Elmo got all wet, and doesn't feel quite right anymore.

The Main Pool

Three foot waves make consistent audio impossible (Boom Boom Gurgle Gulr-oom Boom Boom). DJ getting pissed because splashes are getting the mixer and vinyl wet. Speakers hanging from above, water is killing the bass. Raging, but the water is making everybody tired. Bike lights are shorting out everywhere, but glowsticks are going strong. Everybody on E is getting stomach cramps from drinking the pool water. Ravers wearing vinyl don't notice the difference between this and a "normal" rave, <bless their waterproof souls!> ;)

Hardcore Trance

Hundreds of people running into each other as they get disoriented after the combination of splashing water and strobe lights. Nobody on any drug whatsoever can tolerate it, but in the melee to get out, more splashing occurs. The scene only gets worse from there. Eventually in the interest of public safety, the promoters make this chill pool number two.

Drum and Bass/Dub Room

Occasional splashes of water killing spliffs left and right. Outbursts of Jungle causing severe problems as water keeps splashing out of pool onto the mellow Dubbers trying to get their hookah started up.

Other Areas

A small group keep alternatingly jumping into the jacuzzi and coldest pool around while giggling like crazy. Others wading around picking wet flyers out of the various pool and building a large 'flyer mache' artform shaped like the mound from 'Close Encounters' near one of the DJs.

Cops come and Threaten to Shut Off Water... and Power.

As the gents walking back to their cars, some realize what an awesome synergic effect cold, water AND *X* have on their manly dimensions.

Everybody goes to 1015 folsum and gets pissed because bathing suits, beach towels and flojos don't qualify for the dress code.

And then I wake up.

Loving You!