From: Vladimir Katz <>
Subject: summer92
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 00:36:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 20 Oct 1994, University of Oregon Student wrote:
Anyone out there who went to Juice, Devotion, or any others from spring - summer of 1992? I am interested to know if you've been to any since then, and what your experiences were comparatively. Is it me, or was there something about that time period that can never be duplicated?

So SO SO Sooooooo tru! My very first rave was in spring '92. When I went, I had never even heard the word rave besides maybe raving lunatic. My friend who brought me just told me that someone he knew had rented out a club to have a private party. I went probly mostly cuz I heard they would have smart drinks there. What I saw was unbelievable!!! People dancing, blowing whistles (huh?? people with whistles?? This really surprised me!) , just everyone being *nice*. When at one point in the night some guy I didn't know offered me candy for no reason I was so shocked! I couldn't believe that people there were just so nice, open, giving, loving, friendly, and happy!! This wuz also my first time hearing techno and I fell instantly in luv. The most prominent song I remember was Mr. Kirks nightmare. God, I luv that song. People there were dancing *however* they wanted. There wasn't the usual conformity/ running man/ bullshit I had come to expect. Everyone felt free to be themselves/ do what they want/ be free with no fear of being looked down on. People came in costumes/ people gave out candy/ people introduced themselves to random others!!From the beginning I was hooked. I went 2 several raves that summer and they were all incredible. There was this huge Destiny where the promoter rented out all of saratoga springs (a huge campground) and zillions of people went. Everyone thought that $15 for arave was huge at that time. This was before the whole $20 for every single damn event crap. b4 all the gangsta's came in 2 the scene. b4 the guns (did ja know there have been several shootings down here @ raves lately). b4 promoters who fucked over their dj's. b4 16th and Harrison. b4 people came 2 glare/ frown/ pick up on chicks/ start fights/ show off/ make fun of others/ shoot/ sell bunk drugs/ call cops on other raves/ and various other stuff. The summer of '92 was one of the highlights of my life! I felt part of the rave crowd b4 I even left my first rave, b4 I had even heard the word rave. What ever happened 2 whistles??? I used 2 see them all the time. Now I hardly ever do.

Of course the scene isn't completely dead. There are lots of parties out there (mostly the smaller ones) where you can sometimes feel the original power. The vibe that once was there. Tribal funk, Full moon, harmony, Sunset (A fuckin brilliant party! I wish I had gone sooner 8) ), and many many others still hold true to that original NRG/ belief/ vibe/ power/ community. Thrive b4 it got busted had a *GREAT* vibe that I almost couldn't believe!! Anyways, I know I'm ramblin on but back to the original question. YES!!!! Those days were unique and there is no way that the scene today as a whole can duplicate those days *but* At individual parties, on individual nights, under the right circumstances, with the right people we can bring that feeling back. that feeling of peace/ love/ support/ friendlines/ unity/ power......THE VIBE!

(trendy as it may sound!)- keep the faith, keep the vibe, rave on etc.....



From Mon Oct 24 08:08:18 PDT 1994
Article: 28270 of alt.rave

If you want a friendly time, come to the London to rave. I've been raving here and around since '90 and although the tunes have changed the vibe is still the same at 99% of the raves/parties/clubs. In fact the only trouble I've seen is at a couple of Jungle type raves.

We still blow our whistles, hug everyone, dance on tables, etc. In fact as the average rave is a quarter the price they used to be I think everyone is even happier!

Dale Walker

From Tue Oct 25 07:18:26 PDT 1994

"Vladimir Katz" writes:
(trendy as it may sound!)- keep the faith, keep the vibe, rave on etc.....

The vibe IS still alive! Last night I spent time with 3000 friends at FUSION, Farnborough. Some of the best hardcore DJs in the _world_ were there (Slipmatt, Dougal, Seduction, and CARL COX!!! and many more), loads of whistles and horns, smiles and handshakes, the lot.

Yes, I was around in '92 and it _was_ special then, for you it was special because it was new perhaps. Things always seem better though nostalgic memories.

In my head, it's still '92 (or was that '91...)

Fuck being trendy, I still love the scene. Danced my nuts off...


"Techno Grandad" Reading, England