Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 07:24:07 -0700
From: (Amy Elizabeth Ashton)
Subject: ravin' dead

the dead were here (in slc) early last week and the usual festivities went on. Along with that on monday and tuesday nights some of our local dj's went down to the parking lot and played some music. They played a lot of disco and a lot of rave music. The groovy thing was that everyone, and i do mean everyone, got involved and started dancing. There were a bunch of school busses around with dancing deadheads on them. Overall it was a really groovy thing. once again a positive example of how groove and rhythm (which are fundamental) united everyone.

From: Sean Casey <>
Subject: Atomic Pig

Atomic Pig was the closest I've ever been to a Dead show, and it was a lot of fun :). Deadheads have such a cool vibe that I can now see how people can just drop out for a while and tour with them to see Dead shows. Kinda funny too watching them try to get tickets before the show. One envisions being the ticket fairy, giving away tickets at random just to see their reaction :).

This party had a great vibe, a really friendly crowd of oh, three or four hundred people, and some great music. I got there just before Phred opened up the dance beats with a *great* set, the best I've heard him play. I was smiling and dancing his whole set; people were even dancing in the bathroom line about 1/2 block away :). Gil followed with a fine set, bringing up the energy, and Galen really got the vibe going with a strong dubby house set. People were hollering when Ethan took over, and they kept hollering as he worked the groove like an old master, building up to a great climax a little after 10 when we had to close up.

Another great free party :). Don't miss the next one!


From: tony@xinet.COM (Tony Rotundo)
Subject: "Atomic Pig, meet Dead Show; Dead Show, Atomic Pig"

Larry Ching writes:
3. The strategic importance of the Grateful Dead : I can't imagine doing this in the parking lot of a heavy metal concert ! There seems to be more tolerance at the GD shows. As I was walking the aisles , I came across two different living-room speaker setups , one playing Pink Floyd , and the other playing speed metal. And then there are the punk rockers too.

There was also the stalwart drumming circle and suprisingly a disco cirlce, but in passing through I heard some heads yell: "Fuck that disco shit!" It had a pretty substantial group writhing to it though. But nothing like the Pig...

As a post-seasoned Dead fan, never before have I had the pleasure of watching the Deadheads, self-proclaimed freaks that they are, stand with wide-eyes and looks of disbelief while watching a group of people dance and smile and spread love through music and respect. (Which is also the foundation of the Dead gestalt, though that has been tested and strained for a very long time now.)

It was a treat for sure. There were just enough brave Deadheads to enter our circle to show the timid ones that our tribe was peaceful and wouldn't be boiling anyone at dawn; except, of course, for the blue vested security people who shut it down at 10p.m. Ah well, if they didn't stop us, we may still be there right now, and then there would be no e-mail. ;^}

Not that anyone cares, but I was so moved by this parking lot scene I had to immediately whip out my journal and write: "Talk about the melding of parallel social groups: I'm watching a Rastafarian try and dance to a rave beat in the middle of a Dead show parking lot..."

Thanks to the all for making it happen. :*}


Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 18:59:38 -0800
From: (David Dei)
Subject: Re: "Atomic Pig, meet Dead Show; Dead Show, Atomic Pig"

Unifying the tribes, is THE only way to GO-

I speak from experience, having participated in the underthrowing of the Apartheid System.

As long as we always keep in mind that the geography of division exists as a means of controlling us, then we will not fall into the trap that so many subcultures have - like creating a Rave Elite - lets open up the scene to all who care to love and dance. - as long as we can at least agree on the fundementals - love of life, liberty and the pursuit of true happiness then we can all dance together, like a fractal tribe iterating through the rainbow colors of infinite soundscape. Bring on the ravefarians, ravepunks, raveheads and any possible combination of culture we can come up with - We are the new Fourth World - loving our way into the future perfect state of happiness.

Way to Go SFravers - Deadhead Raves are way cool. Lets think up even greater admixtures to up the evolution.

- david dei