It was late April, 1995. They came from all over Texas. From Waco, El Paso, College Station, and of course the magic triangle of Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Some came in groups, others singly, but all came for two reasons: Music and Fellowship.

And in meeting one another physically, they had an advantage. They had already shared their ideas, feelings..their souls over something called the internet. Unafraid to be frank using the impersonal-personal, fleeting power of email, they tore away the necessary facade used by all people to protect themselves in public. Called to a becoming, to a unification, they then gathered. Their established connectivity left these Texas Cyber Ravers, this sudden Tribe, ripe for magic happenings, mysticism, and miracles.

Far above the Texas gathering, as they came together, unidentified beings, from new born stars not yet seen by earth, watched, waited, and planned a kidnapping. They knew that earth was peculiar. That it was difficult to all-sense communicate, to spirit-share with their inhabitants. But they loved them nonetheless, for the earthlings were their parents. It took special circumstances to reach them, but these interstellar travelers of the Outback were patient.

And then the signal they were expecting occurred. That soft blue explosion of karmatic energy that occured only when humans engaged in the deepest of communal rituals. As always, the positive energy signal also related the vehicle through which the star children should contact their parents. Music. And as the Texasybertribe danced and communed, they integrated into one, and that one - a shimmering example of the BEST values, attitudes, and beliefs humans could offer - slipped into nephology and left the earth with its space-child on an ambient abduction of the spirit.

Light returned to Texas soon after and the one dissolved into many. But each of the many now sense a wholeness that was not sensed the day before. Each has changed, evolved, grown. And the star children observe their growth and smiled. :)

A true story.
Jammin' James E. "Do the next right thing."