Date: Fri, 17 Sep 93 22:56:38 -0500
From: (Kurt Vile)
Our Community

Where are our intentions going? what are we evolving into and why; and who, as members of these list are we asserting ourselves as?

What happens to families as time moves on and as the framilarity of each other and the common ground between the becomes defunct? How is it that they stay togther and not disentigrate with the passage of time.

The topics of rave, techno, house, etc....are inherantly limited - and by limiting ourselves to these topics we are limiting the true potential of our community.

We are a community - by joining these lists your are a part of what goes on between us - we all have our peeves and hangups - likes and dislikes of the members of the lists but we have joined in a common ground.

As a community we have the ability to learn, experince, and devlop ourselves as human beings. As a community we should not limit ourselves to discussions of one topic - when there is literally a whole world of information and stuff out there that touches each and every one of our lives - and the needs to be disscussed, explored, expanded upon, learn.

Rave is not only the party. For those of you who believe that rave is only for 8 hours a week on saturday night, you are missing the most beautiful point of rave. Rave is a philosophy, it takes the feeling of unity we experince in a vibe filled room - and shows us what the world could become - it becomes a part of our daily lives and (at least for me) has changed EVERY aspect of how I live, act, and treat others.

It is nessecary to examine the everyday world within the context of the philosophy that we are forming - without that - rave dies - it is no longer something special - it is something to do, much like doing laundry.

We here are the cutting edge - we have the potential to develop a new style of living - a new relationship with the world that can, and if done will utlimatley lead to the changing of social structure within the world.

To achive these ends we mustn't limit ourselves - we mustn't stifle the potential we have - but rather examine and develop our methods of thinking to better them, and better the world. Examine, and then act - working towards a vibe filled world cannot hurt - even if this community only touches one living soul into betterment then we have achieved.

This is us, this is now - here is the world - see it change - develop + envelop it into you believe is correct.


P.S. Did you ever think you would see Rabin and Arafat shake hands? I wept when I saw that - a beautiful moment - we have the ability to make more of these moments happen; we just have to try and move slowly - developing our philosophy and allowing it to touch those who surround us.