Newsgroups: alt.industrial,alt.cyberpunk,,alt.rave
From: (Todd J Sines)
Subject: Re: Rave?
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1992 16:10:08 GMT

this thing about Mondo 2000 bugs me. i think that they should not try to meld themselves into the rave culture. they can peacefully coexist, but i think mondo 2000 starts to throw darts at the rave scene.

what i deduct (i wish i had the article from the last mondo 2000 with me, ) from the little interview with mondo vanilli in the last mondo 2000 is that

paraphrased "rave kids have a somewhat false sense of what is out there..." what i got out of what RU sirius said is that rave kids have no brains, they use smart drinks to prolong their trip, and they only like the visuals. something was said about X too i think but whatever:

i consider myself a "raver." i also consider myself an intellectual of sorts, i think that i compose myself of substance and information that is usable for any sort of creative endeavor. i:

design my own fonts produce my own magazine write my own techno work in the computer labs of OSU and kinko's and i live to better myself in the areas of vr, sound synthesis, image processing, and graphic design.

i think that an overwhelming amount of people on the net are very level headed, do some type of interesting thing or have aspirations of doing so, and they can respond intellectually to stimuli (ie raves and all that they encompass) and a lot of good can come out of raves.

for example. brian behlendorf's connection rave: a gathering of mostly sfravers and a few others that gathered along a beach in california, basically self-served their needs throughout the weeks prior and successfully used COMPUTERs with EMAIL to organize it for the most part.

raves also can foster spiritual growth, friendships, connections, happiness, unity... the list goes on. the "raves" that i have been to have been very peaceful for the most part (except the fight at the monster rave in chicago and its untimely bust) and i have definitely have enjoyed myself on all occasion.

some of my best friends (mike brown, damian higgins, etc...) are because of the net and raving and its culture. i remember when body release played its first cleveland gig. at the "riverrave 92" there were at least 5-600 people in the sweaty, hot smart bar in cleveland. i met both damian higgins and marla kammer for the first time. the following day at the kool-aid rave i met up with mike brown and damian's girlfriend kelly pickens. i was ecstatic, i was having the best time...

when i went to the monsterrave in chicago i met up with tasha van es. she was one of the coolest people to meet at a rave, we just hung out and complained that the rave was busted, but we had fun never the less.

the point that i make is that the net really does foster and produce a lot of friendship between people. i think that those who rave and those who compute have a lot in common, and it is not about being this or being that, it is about being yourself and enjoying the pleasure of the world and what is has to offer, whether it be: raving, networks, virtual reality, making techno, etc...

peace out to all, i hope you have a better understanding on how i feel...