Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 18:06:54 PDT

The nw-raves fmr was almost completely organized via e-mail... Here is a summary of the transactions that led to the actual event:

Date: 04 Jun 1993 16:23:56 +0000 (U)
From: "Glenn Fajardo,USA" <>
Subject: NW FMR equipment
To: Greg Richards <>, PLUI@iossvr%hac2gm

Okie doke... where are we as far as the FMR for July. Has anyone come up with ideas as to the where? Seems we have the equipment (I can probably bring and video projector, vcr, and my computer) including sound system and what not. We just need to pin down where we want to do this thing.

The search for a site began almost a month before the night of the party. Brian Behlendorf, Kyle, Tigger, and Dread-eye began looking for a suitable site. I, being 200 miles north, would not see the potential site 1 day before the party. I had the sound system, but had never used it outdoors...

From: IOSSVR::PLUI "Patrick Lui ("
To: HAC2GM::arpa::""
Subj: nw-fmr plans


I got a chance to hear my system outdoors last Sat. (granny's birthday). I'm kwite pleezed. I think the system is sufficient for a small to medium size party of 100 - 200 people. Set up wisely, it'll cover a fair sized space. Having surrounding trees, or cliffs, or walls (like in a parking lot, or under a bridge) will make it sound better than playing in the middleof an open field or farm. This is good, but the more gear, the merrier...

The site itself is not confirmed, nor is a generator, extra gear, or dj's. I'll give it a whirl! If anyone else wants to... great! I think a good plan would be to have 1 persons house/place designated as an HQ of sorts, where we'll accumulate the gear prior to the party. This will also help in transporting the gear to the site, as well as let us know what we have and dont have (equipment wise). This place should be close to the site.

once again . here is what i have and can bring:
2 cerwin vega 18" cabs (4'x2')
2 traynor horns (1'x2')
1 bgw 250d power amp
1 denon 2000f cd player
1 yamaha mj100 mixer

OK, so far, we had a site team and an equipment team.

Date: 16 Jun 1993 12:01:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: PLUI@IOSSVR%hac2gm
Subject: more nw-fmr plans

heres another question:

now what about #s- (people...) we're probably goin by word of mouth, right? i think peace frog will be a good time to drop the word on the nw fmr. i mean tell a few dedicated ravers that theres an fmr friday, get phone #'s for callback, etc.
i dunno? what do u all think?

There were still many uncovered things:
When exactly is the party?
Who is going to show up?
Who is going to tell people about the party?,br> Who's going to dj?
What were the Dj's going to use?

Date: 18 Jun 1993 11:18:21 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: nw-fmr plans

Yeah; I had thought that Sunday might work well because everyone has Monday off anyway, and will have been partying all day. However, if the Full Moon is actually the 2nd, perhaps we should hold it on the 2nd to maximally invoke the Goddess' lunar climax. For one thing, the cops won't be in full rev gear, doing crowd control on the cast of thousands. And Elysium won't have happened yet so the raver crowd won't be burnt out from 16 solid hours of partying already that day.

Dread <0>

We would go Friday night (july 2). settled... but where?

From: Kyle Farrell <netmail!>
To: <>
Subject: RE: nw-fmr plans
Date: Thursday, June 17, 1993 11:45PM

sorry i didn't call you today, I actually had to go work on a weekday for once! Anyway, I didn't check out the Cougar mtn site, but I did look at one on Tiger mtn. Actually we never got there- it was on the far side of tiger mtn and after driving up a dirt road about 10 minutes we figured it was too far away. I swear I'll check out the Cougar mtn site this weekend!


This is the first mention of any site I had heard. Many other efforts were being conducted in parallel.

Date: 21 Jun 1993 23:22:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kyle Farrell <>
Subject: RE: nw-fmr thoughts

I called a place downtown where I live, a 5000 watt generator is $50 a night, not to bad- i imagine this is what we would use.


Things are now coming together. I put out the announcement to a few of the regional lists a week and a half before the event. As you can see, there were still a lot of TBD's...

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 93 15:33:30 PDT
Subject: july 2 (1st nwr FULL MOON RAVE)

The first Northwest Raves event is the Full Moon Rave (FMR) and will be held on the night of Friday July 2.

The full moon actually occurs very early Sat morning,so we will catch it on its rise! and when it occurs, we will be raving simultaneously with other ravers in cities and hamlets all over the world! :)
This will be an outdoor event. The site is being confirmed, and details will follow.

Dj's include (but are by no means limited to) nw-ravers: orb (and friend),plui (me), Strange (Eel's friend -not confirmed)...
We have this: Sound system, mixer, dual cd player, 2 turntables (1 needs acart) and a pickup truck to move stuff.

We need this: Lights, more sound equip (eg. amps, speakers...), a cartridge for orb's ttable.
a generator has been found, but not yet booked.
Also, word should go out this weekend at parties in your area. I suggest getting phone #'s and calling them back when the details are set. (open for suggestions)

More equipment became available... In the case of lighting, though, we chose not to use any. We felt we didn't need the extra attention.

Date: 22 Jun 1993 15:53:37 +0000 (U)
From: "Glenn Fajardo,USA" <>
Subject: RE: july 2 (1st nwr FULL MOON RAVE)

Yo Pat,

I've also a video projection unit, vcr, and 486 Intel PC to go along with that!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Date: 22 Jun 1993 21:05:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Se-Wai Lee <>
Subject: RE: july 2 (1st nwr FULL MOON RAVE)

Sounds cool. I have no car and I'm not sure I have that weekend free either, but I can loan you guys a reasonable Stanton 500AL cartridge to you if you need it. I'll be vehicularly mobile by the next FMR, in which case I can supply a second pair of 1200's, a Numark mixer, a pair of Bose 101 monitors and yeah ... I'd be into DJ'ing!

- C.Y.

Whoa!!! professional help! I was very happy to see this! A few things still needed attention:
Was anything else happening that night? (we didnt want to fall into any promoter politics)
WHO WHO WHO (who's going to show up? who's dj'ing?...
And what about the generator?

Date: 22 Jun 1993 16:45:37 +0000 (U)
From: "Glenn Fajardo,USA" <>
Subject: RE: july 2 (1st nwr FULL MOON RAVE)

>do you know if theres anythin happenin fri the 2nd, sat the 3rd?

yeah, Elysium, the mondo rave extravaganza is supposed to happen that day.
It's supposed to start at 4pm with some bands and the dance party commences at 10pm. Big fancy flyer, lots o' hype. Actually it might be pretty good. All I know is that WE'RE throwing the FMR and we're doing it for the VIBE!!!

Vive Le vibe!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Date: 23 Jun 1993 11:47:42 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: ...concerns...

Hey. I suppose we should set up a phone tree or something to spread word about the site; not that I think we're monitored or anything, but it would be a good way of connecting people before heading out, boost the vibe. Also, I'm a bit concerned about the rivalry/territoriality that other promoters seem to display around here (historically speaking) so it would be good to announce the site as LATE as possible (maybe not until 11:30 - midnight). What do you think?

~<0>~ dread-eye

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Date: 28 Jun 1993 16:21:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kyle Farrell <>
Subject: wrapping things up...

Hey Patrick- I went down and reserved a generator today, I got a 2500 watt which should be more than enough for the sound system & lights, let me know if you think otherwise!

What do you suggest if it rains? I don't know about you, but I am not about to take my equipment out in the rain, its just not worth the risk to me. See ya later and drive careful!


I packed the gear in the truck and headed down to Seattle on Wed June 28 I didnt know where the event would be, and I wasnt sure who would be dj'ing... this would all be sorted out.

That Wednesday night I met the email addresses in person at a weekly in Seattle's Univ. District (Flowers -a very excellent place). I met Tigger and he introduced me to Dread-eye. Dread-eye had also made up some mini-flyers (small, 3x3 inch) on his computer. It said FMR on it and had Tigger's and Dread's phone numbers as well. They had already been gathering names and phone numbers, and were passing out the mini flyers. We had a chance to talk about the site as well.

Tigger and Dread-eye had scoped a site on the beach just outside of Seattle. We had 2 potential sites now, and we would see them the following day (thurs).

The Golden Gardens beach site looked perfect. It was a public place, but there was some secluded areas a distance up the beach. There was a long winding road that led from a residential area down to the beach parking lot. There was also a marina on the beach. Parking would be verboten in the beach area as this would be a dead giveaway.

We also went to the Cougar Mountain site that Kyle had scoped, it too was awesome beyond words. An opening at the top of a hill that reminds me of where a spaceship would land! Here, there is a gate at the middle of a long walk to the site. The plan would be to cut the lock and replace it with our own. Cars would park at a mall parking lot and people would be shuttled to the site. Although this is a beautiful site,
we had reservations about the practicallity of shuttling. (people WANT to drive to the site). The site was hard dirt which also meant MUD if it rains...

It rained

Most of Thursday night and early Friday it was pretty dismal weather wise. We almost let go of the generator reservation! It cleared up beautifully by 3 in the afternoon. We would go with the Golden Gardens site.

Dread-eye made maps and hi-lited areas to park. This worked smoothly with the assistance of Dread's friend who directed traffic.*important!* Tigger manned the phones, telling people the map point, and what to bring (jackets, food, water...) and what they might expect. Tigger and his video visual partner Kollaps manned the map point, and BrianW, Dread and I picked up the sound and generator (that Kyle dropped off) and went to the site....
and the fun lasted till 8:00am the next morning :)