From: Brian Curcio <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 18:57:19 -0500

I've heard so good whistling done on the beat with a whole room going off, one side blowin on the and 2 the then on the 3 and 4. What difference does it make, if the sound system is loud enough and the place is of decent size I'd hope there would be a couple whistle crews going off.

Yes, I imagine you have heard whistles go off left and right, as I have. I have heard decent whistling, WHEN I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOR. A shriek from a whistle is a far cry from a thump from a Bin, and in all acuallity it hurts the ears of the people next to them. When you heard the whistling, did you happen to notice how many people kinda spread away from the whistlers? Probably not.

Granted, ther is people who can whistle, but the grief I have, is the fact that the "in" thing to do with newbie ravers is to grab a whistle and jost toot away. It hurts.

One thing that bugs me is that back when I started doing live PA's there would be lots of people going off blowing whistles and jumping around. Now your average rave now in most of the larger cities has a bunch of sorry people siting around ON THE FLOOR. People NOT SMILING or having a good time. People just caught up in whatever headtrip they're on. What fun is that?

That's a very true thought, but If you look closely there is alot of people that want to dance, but have a mindset that is shadowed with egos and fronts. And there normal lifestyle has made them think the fact that people will laugh at them because they don't dance, "the Normal way"(which there is none of) and that is due to the fact of their upbringing of fitting in.

Gee and I though raving (for lack of a better term ) interaction with the DJ. Josh Wink is a brilliant DJ and I's expect people to show their appreciation for him. Whistling along serves that purpose. It's no suprise to me that the place

Thats fine and dandy, people can whistle to support the dj. but the fact of a booth out front of the site, with whistles, preying on the newbies, who the first thing to appeal to them is those whistles. And they fall for it. blowing and tooting all night....Ignorant to the fact it is annoying everyone around them, thus destroying the atmosphere. I'm not saying just "Newbies" but the people with the wrong vibe.

It's called growth. With out that you have stagnation and then death. Do you want that?

Not at all....But on the contrary, the growth has to be good. a growth of bacteria in you body is not good, as to this is the same way. Mabye It is just my side of the country. The scene I know, and surrounding scenes have all complained of the same things. I really won't get complaing of the reasons why it is falling apart....for you seem to closed minded to even acknowledge it.

their alter ego on a Friday or Saturday is to be a "raver"(tsk. Tsk.) What do you mean by their alter ego on a fri or sat is to be a raver? If you go out and dance to some banging beats and have a good time at it you're a raver. You are participating in the act of raving...

Again thats fine and dandy....but why the imitations of other styles? Why the inconsideration? What's the Damage?
There is a variety of music to dance to. We have a unique trait to are music...The fact that we can have an atmosphere of unity, and love. (AND CONSIDERATION) for each other and dance is the speciality of our groove. And when one comes once a week and decides that they are going to become a raver, by Immatating all styles and whatnot, he has seen on MTV or whatever. And Giving evil looks or whatnot to show that they are "hard" (going to back to the upbringing factor) It just ruins that vibe, that some people think is gone already...

Since when did what you wear have anything to do with being a raver? And what is a raving lifestyle? No job, no responsibilities, just 24/7 partying and doing lots of drugs, getting by by selling drugs? If that's it then I have only 3 words for you GET A LIFE.

Now, first of all nothing has to be worn to be a raver...But on the other spectrum. There is a raver/club kids stereotype. and People try to imitate that...Thats when the trouble is evident.

Please tell this guy what's up. I've had enough. Set this guy straight on the whistles, glowsticks and white gloves thing.

Whistles are inconsiderate...Simple as that...Glowsticks on strings MHMHmhmhmhm....Now thats a great one... Irony has struck me..... Because as did a glowstick saturday night...right in the head....No sorry no nothing..Just a little embarassed person walking off...

And the white glove thing....How inconsiderate is that? It isn't. I have said nothing about any white gloves, my main grief as I inconsideracy.

It's funny but in Europe there is no "raver" way off dressing...

BUT the sad thing it is different...Go to the mall, see how many upperclass clothing stores are preying on these people, by creating a look that could be dubbed as "raver" thus bringing in money from mainstream meatheads, that are intrigued with us.

Anyone can be one.

Anyone except an inconsiderate meathead.

I am Catogorizing and Identifying these people, as for their inconsiderate actions....and then their shallowness, by the imitation of what they think should be worn..Which as you said is in all actuality..nothing.

isn't about WHAT you wear, WHAT you do, HOW you look, HOW you dance. It's about WHO you are and clothes have NOTHING to do with that.

Everything you have just forementioned is true...except What you do.....Inconsideracy is a destroying factor of the scene. REMEMBER, its not only danciong that has brought us together..It is unity! There is a few Cultures that have succesfully done we are one of them. Rainbow Family(gathering), and the Dead. Have also succesfully done that.

Suffice it to say the scene here in the States is still WAY FAR more underground than in Europe and I don't necessarily think that's a good thing. What good is having a VIBE and the ideals of PLUR if all you do is go out every weekend and present them to the already converted? Raving to me won't be commercialized until it's safe to walk down the street in every city in america, until prejudice and hate are something that kids learn about not from their parents but from history books, until sterotyping is no longer the way you "get to know someone" and until someone offers me a lollipop whilst waiting for a bus. :) In short stop taking things SO SERIOUSLY, raving is about having a good time and enjoying yourself, it's a celebration. I think with your analness you'd be more at home at the opera or a where there are established rules of what you can and cannot do.

All except for that last few sentences had alot of truth to it.....Then it became thoughtless and degrading...but thats ok though.

You may have been "clubbing" in '91-92 but obviously you missed the better raves. If you have and missed the vibe somehow, I apoligize for sterotyping you by your comments (hey it happens). You just struck me as someone who is new to the scene and wasn't around when it was less about putting on a fashion show, being more of a "real" or "true" raver, doing more drugs than the person next to you and and sitting on the dancefloor. In otherwords, when it was actually about dancing, celebrating life and having a good time.

i would like to think It still is the way you have described, except we have become a more overall snobby culture, snubbing off others that miss the vibe we provide to each other. AS I am doing the same in a way, except the fact that of not judging people as others do..but judging people on there actions...

Again this is sloppy, and not thouroughly thought and written correctly not because of drugs....but time problems...