Subject: Re: amylen nitrate
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 10:46:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bryce Ryan" <>

Informed choices in use of substances and one's sexual activities is very important. Reasonable guidelines suggest that one should be possessed of normal consciousness when engaging in sexual activity, or at least to be aware of risks. One should also choose the level and kind of risks one is comfortable with, and have appropriate knowledge of how to play safely, and to have the necessary implements (latex in all its forms, bleach, etc.) at hand. PLUR is wonderful, and we can all have a safe and fun time with our rave friends. I'd like you all to be around for a long time. Play and travel safe!

a friendly interjection from your safer sex advocate: "unprotected" anal sex (without some sort of barrier) is a ~high~ risk sexual practice, not necessarily the riskiest. The nature of the risk, and to whom the risk is present varies on the exact nature of the anal sex involved. it has been demonstrated that fisting (vaginal or anal) without a barrier presents a high risk to the insertive partner (somewhat counterintuitive), while penis/anus sex presents a higher risk to the recipient. Note that this "risk assessment" is largely in the context of HIV. Various other kinds of STDs can be contracted, on an equal basis, by either partner. The highest risk sexual practice I can imagine is sharing blood or blood products in some way, shape, or form (hence the general concern for folks who share needles used for injecting IV drugs of whatever kind).

Barriers (condoms, dental dams, vinyl gloves, saran wrap, finger cots, stubbies) dramatically reduce the probability of transmission of STDs, including HIV, regardless of the sexual activity one engages in.

Learn to love latex! Don't share works (or at least clean them properly)! Know your partner (get that phone number for later reference)! Know your own body! Be informed, and make informed, conscious choices about the risks you choose to take.
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