Responsible Chemistry

Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 12:47:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian
Subject: Responsible Chemistry

On Thu, 11 May 1995, Jonathan Santos wrote:
Excuse me. uh.. How the HELL do you do E resposibly?

In order:

- Read up extensively on it, both pro and con, with an objective set of ears. Pay close attention to what the medical community has to say.
- Talk with others about their experiences with it, both positive and negative. Pay attention to those with medical experience.
- Buy it from someone you trust, someone you have known for more than a few months, someone who has a vested interest in your safety.
- The first time you take it, take it in a comfortable, calm environment (your home, a friends home) and with someone else who is either abstaining or has done it before. This person should also be one from whom you are not hiding any substantial personal problems or feelings, for they will probably come out.

MDMA is a powerful tool, no contest. The results of using it may or may not be positive, depending almost entirely upon your state of mind and your surroundings. "Set and setting".

When you are comfortable with its effects, then try taking it in a public place. Always have someone around who is willing to act as a point of reference for you, someone who will support you if you suddenyl get uncomfortable.

I can't believe that people think you should legalize acid and E. LEGALIZING drugs doesn't solve any problems.

A lot of empirical evidence suggests otherwise. If drugs were legal, and regulated by the government or some other institution (like all legal drugs and food are these days), you would see:

1) Quality control. A large body of evidence suggests that "drug-related deaths" are caused by pollutants in the chemicals. You would know that when you're taking one 100mg MDMA caplets you really are getting 100mg, and not 20mg with 80mg MDA, and not 300mg MDMA.

2) Real drug information. People are used to the concept of an acceptible blood alcohol levels, and the thought of personally acceptible doses of MDMA or LSD would also come about.

3) Lower prices. Even if the government were to levy 1000% surcharges on their manufacture, it would be cheaper than buying on the street.

The "drug problem" is a health problem, not a legal problem, and should be treated as such.

Have you ever hung out with someone who was so Ill'ed out for drugs they would do anything? IT's a disgusting sight.

Yes, but I've also seen people's lives destroyed by alcohol, by watching TV, by junk food, by stress, by money, by just about every single pleasure-giving instrument out there. Addiction is a problem in general, and it very rarely is a biochemical response to the object addicted to.

Being from the midwest originally, My friends and I got into the scene purely for music and vibe.. We went out till 8 am purely for music and vibe.. i.e. The scene was built on music. Out here in Cali, the scene seems like it was built on E, Crystal Meth, Pot whatever.. IT's just kinda wacked out..

I've been going to raves "out here in Cali" for about 6 years now, I've seen a *lot* of stuff both heavily positive and heavily negative, and for anyone to say "it's all about drugs" is like me saying Detroit is "all about cars". :)

Why can't we just play good fucking music, kick the drug dealers out and shake our booties all night lone? Why make things so complicated?

Because some of us like to ROLL A BIG FATTY AND SMOKE IT while we're grooving to that music, and there's no one who's going to tell us that's "wrong". I'm all for kicking the drug dealers out, as long as they are replaced with the local Safeway clerk. :)