On 19 Jan 96 05:17:12 GMT, (removed) wrote:
Hey yall. I am really interested in the scene here in T.O. and im goin to a rave next week. I dont want to be a poseur or anything so im just goin to have fun and dance my 17 year old body to exhaustion. Now i need your help guys. What should i not forget or in fact... just give me any tips, advice you know on what i should do / not do.

From: crege@piper.hamline.edu (Chris Ege)
Subject: Re: My first Rave...i got questions
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 08:58:10 GMT

first of all, don't worry about being a poseur. You'll be fine no matter what you do. Bring water, because it's handier that buying it or even getting it there for free. I usually bring a big bottle of water. I also bring like some m&ms or something, because I get hungry. advice on what to do? Dance! have fun! you may or may not want to try the smart drinks. They're kind of interesting. Then of course there's ecstasy... try it or dont. It really doesn't matter. I havent tried it. I'm a little timid with that kind of thing, although I would like to try it some time.

do whatever you have to do to have fun. meet new people. that's all the advice i have.


From: gbaxstro@Phoenix.kent.edu (gREtA BaxStrOM)
Subject: Re: My first Rave...i got questions
Date: 22 Jan 1996 00:23:51 GMT

bring a water bottle & refill it all nite at the bathroom sink. i do for every party. why pay for water if u can get it for free? drugs aren't necessary, but do them if u want. coming down when u are exhausted & sweaty + dirty + the party's over & you're leaving & it's freezing outside isn't fun though. make as many friends as u can. bring a pen & paper so u can get their phone-#s & hang out with them at later dates. i usually bring candy (like a bag of blow-pops) & hand them out 2 all kinds of people. i'm not very good at walking up 2 people i don't know & talking 2 them so i give them candy & introduce myself. glow-stix are fun 2 play with, u might want 2 get 1. --

oh i forgot, another thing...about dancing, u probably want 2 wear clothes that are comfortable enough for dancing (generally the bigger & baggier, the better!). + when u are dancing, don't worry about what it looks like. there's no wrong way 2 dance at a rave. every-1 has their own style & dancing takes practice, but everybody can do it. just have fun when u dance. it doesn't matter if it looks weird just that it feels good.

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From: amason@cs.uct.ac.za (Ashton Mason)
Subject: Re: My first Rave...i got questions
Date: 22 Jan 1996 08:25:33 GMT
Organization: University of Cape Town

Yeah, the important thing is to dance what you feel, not how you think you should. Listen to the music, relax, and do what it tells you. Ash amason@cs.uct.ac.za http://www.cs.uct.ac.za/~amason

From: ISC041@isc-queens.co.uk (Tonee)
Date: 22 Jan 1996 10:58:49 GMT
Organization: International Study Centre

Just do exactly like you said, go, dance, have fun, in a word...
no drugs needed, no thoughts about being a poseur, cause raving is about being, well, whatever you want!!

Hope you have a good time, in fact, being a TO expat in the UK, i'd love to know what it was like.
What party is is by the way??

cheers from the UK


From: irieirishguy@eworld.com (IrieIrishGuy)
Date: 25 Jan 1996 02:29:36 -0800

Dance - Feel - smile - make friends - explore all your options - RESPECT - and
Have fun


From: noah@dash.com (Noah Raford)
Date: 19 Jan 1996 18:40:12 -0700
Organization: Shaman Exchange

Hey Mark! Welcome to the underground. ;) Here's my opinion. If it is your first party, lay off the drugs. Drugs are a part of the scene, but they are not the backbone or the mainstay. And there is only one 'first party' for you. Just go with a clear and open mind, a smile on your face and get ready to dance. From what it sounds like, you've got the right attitude! Oh, and around 3 or 4 AM, I usually get a wave of exhaustion and sometimes want to go home. DANCE THROUGH IT! After a quarter to a half an hour, you get a second rush of energy that, IMO, is what raving is all about. That second rush can and has taken me to noon and beyond.

But if you do decide to do drugs, don't buy from a stranger. If you have connections already, use them. Better safe than sorry. Oh, and also bring a bottle of water (the big one gallon kind) to share with all your new friends. You'll thank yourself for it.

Sometimes, when the weather is real cold, I consider wearing a coat in line. Don't. Even though it may be cold as the proverbial tit outside the space, once inside, you'll be stripping down and you don't want to deal with the extra baggage. Once you're in, walk around a bit and feel everything out. Then find a place where the sound is nice, close your eyes and start dancing! :)


PS - Not to say don't do drugs when you rave in the future. They are, of course, part of the experience and I recoomend trying them intelligently. But for you first party, just get high on the dancing, the grinning, the music and the vibe. Peace, my man.