Subject: Deaths in the family...
Date: 9 Mar 1995 11:54:35 -0500

These messages were forwarded from the Pittsburgh/Cleveland rave list. They are about last weekends fatalities. Once again I urge you, if you're going to an all nighter and you are driving or think you might be driving please, please get enough rest.

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 16:31:28 -0500
From: "Steven Y. Tsang" <> Subject: death in the family

the afterparty was held in akron by ept in a small cleared out cafe. drinks & snacks were provided. synapse, mike sparks, & goodwill spun. trevor lamont wuz supposed 2 spin 2 but some bad news arrived by phone: 4 kids from columbus died on their way up 2 imagine. apparently their front tire blew & the driver lost control of the car & hit straight on into a semi coming from the opposite direction.

i spent most of tonight consoling mari. i can only hope 2 give her the support she had given me in my time of depression.

i'm sorry i had 2 be the bearer of such bad news but this along w/ the deaths of the 4 kids that died from falling asleep at the wheel after HEARTLAND in Indianapolis have really scared me. i was starting 2 fade on my drive back from the imagine afterparty. i lost track of my speed. and got pulled over 4 speeding. @ the time i thought it wuz really bad luck. but now that i think about it, if i hadn't gotten pulled over, i could've fell asleep at the wheel also. i remember colleen & justin from pittsburgh telling me how they fell asleep at the wheel & hit a tree. x-cept they lived.

so what the hell am i saying? i think the message is pretty clear. if it's each other that keeps us coming back, than it's each other we have 2 look out 4. sometimes as ravers, perhaps due 2 psychedelics we think we are invinceable. we are not. in this scene everybody is important. please everybody be more careful. and watch out 4 one another. and learn from this.

peace, love, unity, respect,
stevie t - plrm - cleveland

first of all, on top of all the other distressing news this week in detroit, milwaukee, and the death of three kids in kentucky, i have more bad news to report.

four girls died on the way home to columbus from IMAGINE in cleveland this saturday.

if you really care to know their names let me know, but i will respect their privacy for the time being.

their deaths were NOT the result of fatigue OR drugs. their back tire blew out, the driver lost control, went across the median, and the car was then hit head-on by an oncoming truck. dj rage and others came by soon after and discovered the accident.

MINIMAL STATE is being dedicated to memory of these four people.

we hope you all take a moment to realize the fragility of life, and to take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of your place in this culture.