From: Willis Wong (

Here goes

Willis Wong 

5' 11" bowl cut blond hair, glasses, 125lbs +/-
5lbs, depending on pasta intake.  

My first rave was the spring of '92 in Orange County called "Alice's 
adventures in Wonderland". It was like a whole new world.. being with 
several hundred people all being nice to each other.  Not to mention the 
whistles and glowing things - it was something else.  I found out about 
it from Dana Watanabe's postings to alt.rave. Thanks Dana!

I'm not much of a social being... mainly just dance until my feet reach 
China when that groove kicks into high gear.  SFRaves is a swell place to 
be.  I've only been on for a year or so but it's been stellar reading 
what everyone does and says and feels.

I sometimes wear a shirt that says "walrus" but people usually mistake me 
for a Beatles fan. Oh well.