From: swoosh@cats.UCSC.EDU (John Elias Darrow)

My name is John Darrow, I'm 23 years old, 6'2" and pretty lean.
I don't post too often, but I have been around sfraves since it
began, so most likely most of you have seen me somewhere, in 
the background, with a glint of a smile on my face.  I got my first
exposure to acid house in 1988, listening to Steve Masters play his 1
hour show of "trippin tuesdays acid house" in the middle of the night
on Live 105.  I bought lots and lots of records and took them back to
Mount Shasta where I went to high school, where I danced maniacly in my
own lonely understanding of what was to come.  I have danced in and out
of madness ever since, finishing a degree in physics while I struggle
between universal coherrent order and ego.  My main interests lie
in sound and acoustics.  My thesis is on active noise control.  Right
now I'm making web pages for a living... (see the new for
an example, rather administrative and dull) and I live in Santa Cruz
where I very much enjoy life.  I'm a spiritual person and beleive
very strongly in my meaning and the spirit of the rave.  I try to
express this meaning in my music, dancing, and understanding.
(Like many of you I have a large stack of electronic boxes and wires
which tend to overheat and distort themselves into chaotic/resonant noise.)

I beleive in morphic resonance, and the importance of coincidence.
hence my advice, you must be very very patient, meaning will
come to find itself.  The anthropic principle on all levels.
and if you aren't quite sure what those theories are, they just mean
you gotta be yourself to make the world fall into place.

You can see pictures and more at

I love you all.

be seeing you,