From: Amy R Starkey (

Name:  Amy Rainier Starkey
Occupation:  Fulltime student @ CSUS major - graphic design.  Works part 
             time at Pottery Barn in Arden Fair Mall. 
Personal stats:  5'6" with long straight hair - two hair wraps behind my 
                 left ear, brown eyes, always smiling! :):) 
Rave history:  First rave was Liquid Palace here in Sac in 92.  But my 
             first ExpEriEncE was at the Gathering New Year's Eve party 
             92/93 at the Vallejo Fairgrounds.   I consider that my "real"
             first rave. My first year as a raver as mostly spent at 
             larger venues - ususally Basics or Gatherings - I never 
             missed 'em.  Now I prefer the smaller parties and getting 
             a chance to hear lesser known dj's.
Music pref:  Acid trance!!!!  I loved that harder faster stuff played at 
             Friends & Family.  Still my alltime favorite dj ever has got 
             to be Tony.  He never lets me down!!  

Okay, that's enough about me......