From: (Andrew Dressler)

Name:  Andrew Paul Dressler
Birthdate: September 16 1972
Hieght: 5' 7 3/4"
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I've lived in Sacramento all my life. I come from a big family.
(enough history now for the good stuff)

I'm a self employed sound engineer. I specialize in permanent club
installs but mostly I do live engineering, BIG MOBILE CLUB SYSTEMS, and
recording. Most of you who know me know me from doing sound at raves.
I also work part-time at K&K music here in sac selling equipment.

BSP mode: Yes I give discounts to SF-Ravers
end mode

I attended ARC here in sac and also CSUS


Big smiles, big hugs, people who don't NEED drugs to have fun(note the
word NEED), honesty and straight fowardness, big fuzzy stuffed animals,
big kisses, monty python and the holy grail, pasta, food, eats, cooking,
beautiful female voices, self confidence, and most of all, friends!


Frowns, lame hugs, people who can only FEEL IT when high on drugs,
judgements, fish, alcohol,  Ishtar, smokers, and most of all
RUSH LIMBAUGH!(hehehehehehehehehehehehe)

Although I have been doing sound for raves for almost two years, the
first time I went to one to have fun (and do E) was about a year ago at
Wicked. I attend them regularly and in all actuality you will find me
sober most of the time.(E causes me to have really bad sinus infections)

Best talents:

Not being able to sing(hehehe), E journeys(if your high ask me for one),
hugging(first place in the all nationals tourney last may in SF)(hehe),
roller blading, messing around on computers.

Love you all,

PS: I'm a serious workaholic. I never have any free time!