From: (Rob Johnson)

Well my real name is Rob Johnson, I'm 6'2'', 170lbs, very long light brown
hair, brown eyes and I wear size 12 shoes =p
I was born in Berkeley but started moving around the country when I was 4.  I
lived in 9 different states and Saudi Arabia before coming back to the Bay
Area when I was 19 (I'm 24 now.)  I love to travel and hope to eventually
live bi-coastaly (new word :) 

My interests are nothing too unusual for this list...  I love music,
computers and people (most of the time.)  I started out young doin the "rock"
thing and it only took me 8 years to figure out there was more to life
musically...  in fact I found out there was EVERYTHING better to be found in
music...  I think I have come to a point in my life musically where I truly
can fall in love with all music and I am happy with that.  

I played guitar for 12 years (classical to heavy metal) and I am still
playing every now and then.  About 6-7 years ago I started doing electronic
music and have thrown myself into it completely.  If it is electronic I do
it.  I have a really deep love for analog synths and always try to keep 10 or
so on hand in case I need a fix.  I also love the world of digital sound.  I
am currently learning to use the Kyma system.  It is a real time DSP synth
that will pretty much do anything you tell it too.  It uses up to 8 DSPs in
parallel and it ROCKS!  All I can say is that the real time voice morphing
left me on the floor so I will be sure to try n get some more music with the
Kyma on the dance floor soon!  (so far it has seen most of it's action just
in Universities)

I also do some DJing when I have the time.  Most of my time is spent in my
studio either on the computer or writing music...  one of these days I'm
gonna do some more home work cause I also go to San Jose State U where I am
an Electro Acoustic Music Major.

My first experience with house music was in 88 while I was on the East Coast.
 I was in NY with my best friend and we hit up a few clubs.  Well I had never
danced nor been to a club before but I caught on pretty quick =o)  The whole
thing totally rocked my little rocker world ideas on music.  There was NO
band and NO stage...  this was more about _everyone_ in the crowd...  and I
loved it!  When I came back to CA I could not find that music any where...
 (just goes to show you how some times our social groups can hide us from the
rest of the world)  ...until I went to Floppy's (I think it was 91.)  Well it
was all over from there...  non stop raving for at least 2 years...  those
were to date some of the best years of my life.  I guess I have been a Raver
in waiting for the last year or so.  The scene for me has been kinda
disappointing so I have not been going out too much.  I figure the best thing
I can do to help the scene right now is to really work on my music and try to
take it to another level... to do this I need the time and money that going
out consumes so quickly.  I'm really glad that the scene is continuing to get
stronger in many ways...  I guess I'm gonna have to be going out more but to
do that Ill have to stop writing this really long story =o)

Much love to ya all,