From: Brenda Brewer (

Hi everybody!  I'm really enjoying reading all of the bios - makes me 
feel close to you all :-)

I mostly lurk since I'm kinda new around here and I actually live in 
Portland but I want to get down there very soon and meet some of you!

Well, I'm a 28-year old female recently hired by my internet access 
service provider, Teleport as technical support person. I'm Dominican and 
German, I have kinda 
long curly brown hair, hazel eyes and skinny :-)  I'm a singer/songwriter 
and I've been into the Dead for a long time enjoying the scene and the 
music then I went to my first rave this summer and was just blown away by 
the vibe and now I'm hooked, not just on raves but the whole vibe and 
philosophies that I feel from the people I've met and the people on these 
lists.  I'm into Terrence McKenna and just got turned on to Alexander 
Shulgin, I'm in the middle of a really cool article on Shulgin in "The 
Face" mag from Europe.  Spirituality is the #1 thing in my life and I try 
to raise my consciousness a little every day.  I'm in a very positive 
time in my life and can't wait to spread the love to you in person (my 
roommate is a flight attendant so I can fly down for like $10!).  So, 
keep on keying, you all make me smile!

Love and kind thoughts,

bren, aka, shakti