From: (Dave Scruton)

my name is dave scruton.

i've been on sfraves on & off for about 2yrs now....

DEFINITE lurker; have only been to 2 events in SF, F&F IV 
  and Temple of the New Edge (anyone remember that??? )

do about 1 event every 3 months in LA

i've got a HORRIBLE case of Attention Defecit syndrome 
  (for example, i just timeswitched in two other tasks during this

so, i'm working on about 20 things at once:
  my job at Hughes Aircraft (i do about 4 tasks here)
    my company Fractallonomy, which does rave flyers, and is also
      coming out with some neat SGI midi software
    i also record music on a home 4-track system
  and try to play some golf,
also go to tahiti whenever i get a chance ;)

if i had about a 60hour day, i'd go to lotsa events  . . . . . .

anyway, i'm an OLD member of the list (34), male, about 6ft, brown/brown
  kinda thin, hyper, etc...
music faves are OLD pink floyd, the orb, william orbit, the dead,
  anyone who pumps out something DIFFERENT.
am VERY partial to any psychedelic, ambient, trancy stuff


check my page (no photos, sorry)

i also think brian is THE killer sysadm!

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/ __|/ _ \/ _ \ | | |/ _` | |
\__ \  __/  __/ |_| | (_| |_|
|___/\___|\___|\__, |\__,_(_)

dave scruton