From: sameer (

	Born 12.4.74 Stamford Ct.
	Moved to Libertyville, IL, 6/89
	Graduated high school 6/93
	Moved to Berkeley 8/93
	Started 6/94

	So let's see, I live in berkeley, have been on sfraves since a
little bit before I moved here -- prolly since early 93 or so. The
past year has been hell, so I haven't been out much to event and
such-- I'm hoping to revitalize the ability to have fun that I had
last year, which I seem to have lost lately.
	For my day job I work at SGI, with a lovely 45-60minute
commute everyday. (weeehaw.) I run Community ConneXion, a heavily
privacy oriented ISP in berkeley. (
	I attended ucberkeley for two years or so, and plan to return
sometime soon.

	I live alone in berkeley, if you don't count my baby. (