From: (Jake Reichert)

        Well, here's me.  My name is Jake Reichert, I'm 20, have long brown
hair on top, about shoulder length, and really short brown hair on the sides
and back, beard, moustache, about 5'9", 140 lbs., greenish/bluish/greyish
eyes (changes all the time), and long nails, usually metallic blue.  
        I grew up in Huntington Beach behind the Orange Curtain as the child
of two ex-hippies (which I'll tell you has made for an odd childhood), and
all of my friends there were, like myself, people who really didn't care for
Southern California all that much.  We basically hung out and did weird
things (still do, in fact) and drank a lot of coffee.  Unlike most people,
I've been lucky enough to keep my friendship with almost all of them even
after high school ended.  Because of my girlfriend at the time, I started
looking into going to College at USF; up until then I was set on going to
Boston.  Well, it turns out that coming up here was the best decision I ever
made.  I've enjoyed it up here ever since I came, and since I started going
to raves it's gotten even better.  
        I was technologically illiterate when I first got here, but I got
addicted to the Internet within the first couple months of school, sometimes
staying at the computer lab until 6 in the morning trying to figure things
out.  Since then my knowledge of computers has increased dramatically, I've
bought my own computer, gotten an office, and now answer insanely stupid
questions about dial-up internet access for the University (for which I am
reimbursed well :) ).  I'm studying math and physics, although my interests
lie basically everywhere.
        I went to my first rave in April with my friends (some of yours,
too), Sarvi and Jan.  It was Organic down on Army, and it was _great_.  I
was immediately hooked.  Since then, I've spent basically the whole summer
at raves when I wasn't driving to LA and back in Archibald the Wonder Honda.
I've had the most amazing experiences in that time, from the crazy weekend
of Organic in the Park/Freedom where I met mucho SFRavers to the strangest,
most spiritual/psychic event of my life (it's a really good story that'll
make you go "aaawwww...", but it's kinda long so if you want to hear it
email me).  Basically, it made me realize what society could be like if
everyone really tried.  Although I've been to good parties and bad parties,
I keep going because... well, you all already know 'cause I'm sure it's the
same reasons you all keep going too.
        Musically, I'm into techno and ambient.  I prefer the really
fast/really mellow stuff to music in between.  Also, anything on the 4AD
label (if that's not obvious by now).
        Interests: Reading sci-fi, travelling, skiing, writing, making music
on my computer, monkeys, Vaughan Oliver, Carl Jung, Postmodern theory,
Waldo, Computer Graphics, Swiss Chocolate, Hugs & smiles, cats, Duckman,
candles, 42, blue light bulbs, Woolite, Tira Misu, cyberculture, baby
animals, good coffee, Twin Peaks, Winona Ryder, SGI's, my Smith's baseball
cap, general weirdness
        Things I don't like: Michael Eisner, Nasa, politics, getting up
early, The FDA, mean drunks, jeans that are too tight in the crotch 
        Favorite Movies: Jacob's Ladder & True Romance
        Favorite quote (as in my sig): Lonely is as Lonely Does/
                                       Lonely is an Eyesore  (Throwing Muses)
        Weirdest night of the summer: driving two of my drunken friends
around in a limo that wasn't mine with two psycho girls in the backseat we
didn't know who liked cutting themselves up and eventually breaking into a
friend's house to make ourselves breakfast (I live in a sitcom, by the way)

        I could go on and on, and usually do, but that's about it for now.


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